Chuckit Fetch Medley

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Chuckit Fetch Medley is a variety three pack of rubber dog balls containing Whistler, Max Glow Ball and Rebounce Ball.

All three dog balls are Chuckit compatible. The Whistler whistles in the air, Max Glow Ball is a glow in the dark dog ball and Rebounce Ball is bouncy fun made from recycled rubber. They are all natural rubber and easy to clean. Durable, tough dog balls. Variety is the spice of life.

Chuckit balls are no ordinary dog balls. They are designed for the most demanding use without spoiling the fun.

Available in size Medium 2.5" 3-pack.

All great dog balls in their own right but also Chuckit ball launcher compatible for amazing games of fetch. If buying Fetch Medley for a ball thrower, please check our size compatibility guide below.

 Ball Size
 Launcher Compatibility
 Small 2"
 Chuckit Mini Ball Launcher
 Medium 2.5"

 Chuckit Ball Launcher
 Chuckit Sport 18M Ball Launcher
 Chuckit Ultra Ball Launcher

 Large 3"
 Chuckit Mega Ball Launcher

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