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Chuckit Sport 12M Ball Launcher

Chuckit Sport 12M Ball Launcher

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Chuckit Sport 12M dog ball launcher is 2.5" ball compatible.

The Chuckit ball launchers are a great way to exercise your dog without wearing out your arm. You can throw the ball easily and further than ever before, with no need to stoop too far down to pick up the ball or get dog slobber on your hands. Use it in the park, in your backyard, or anywhere you and your dog fancy a game of fetch, but you will throw further than ever before so a certain amount of space is needed. Designed for hands-free pickup, so you never have to bend down as far or pick up a slimy ball again.

This pint sized Chuckit packs a punch! This dog ball thrower is a compact version of the award-winning original Chuckit. Great for backyard use and it's compact size means it stuffs easily into a backpack for a quick trip to the park.

12 inches long. Made of lightweight, durable plastic.

Ball Compatibility
The Chuckit Sport 12M Ball Launcher takes standard tennis balls or 2.5" Chuckit dog balls. Click here for our selection of dog balls.

 Launcher Key Feature Ball Compatibility Chuckit Length Distance
 Chuckit Mini Ball Launcher For small dogs 2 inch ball 13 inches Short range
 Chuckit Sport 25M Ball Launcher Improved original ball launcher 2.5 inch ball 25 inches Long range
 Chuckit Sport 18M Ball Launcher Compact 2.5 inch ball 18 inches Mid range
 Chuckit Sport 12M Ball Launcher Compact 2.5 inch ball 12 inches Mid range
 Chuckit Ultra Ball Launcher With comfort grip 2.5 inch ball 25 inches Long range
 Chuckit Mega Ball Launcher For large dogs 3 inch ball 25 inches Mid range

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