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Chuckit Ultra Tumbler

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A fun and ingenious new take on the classic and ever popular Chuckit Ultra Ball, Chuckit Ultra Tumbler is specially designed to have all the fun of a durable dog ball with the added excitement of a tumbling and erratic toy that will keep your dog entertained and engaged.

Throw it, bounce it, fetch it, chase it, tumble it, launch it!

Made from durable, non-toxic rubber. Gentle and kind to your dog's mouth and teeth but still durable.

Developed to have high bounce, high buoyancy, high visibility, and high durability, the value of Chuckit Ultra toys is easily recognized by dog owners. It will soon be your dog's favourite toy. And because it endures you will love it too.

This hollow rubber dog toy also floats. Woof!

Chuckit Ultra Tumbler is also launcher compatible (available to purchase separately).

Chuckit Ultra Tumbler launcher compatible

Ball thrower compatible for amazing games of fetch as well. If buying Chuckit Ultra Tumbler for a Chuckit ball launcher, please check our size compatibility guide below.

Chuckit Ultra Tumbler is a medium and large ball, joined together. The medium end is the size of a 2.5" ball and the larger end is the size of a 3" ball.

 Ball Size  Launcher Compatibility
 Medium 2.5"

 Chuckit Ball Launcher
 Chuckit Sport 18M Ball Launcher
 Chuckit Ultra Ball Launcher

 Large 3"  Chuckit Mega Ball Launcher
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