Comfort Lead with Screw Carabiner Clip
Comfort Lead with Screw Carabiner Clip
Comfort Lead with Screw Carabiner Clip
Comfort Lead with Screw Carabiner Clip
Comfort Lead with Screw Carabiner Clip
Comfort Lead with Screw Carabiner Clip

Comfort Lead with Screw Carabiner Clip

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The Comfort rope dog lead with locking carabiner has been designed to offer the best and safest walkies experience for you and your dog. It is extremely comfortable and also incredibly secure. Amongst its many features is a totally secure slide and screw sleeve on the carabiner dog lead clip which essentially locks the clip shut and prevents it from being unintentionally opened.

dog lead with secure clip

Equipment can fail and accidents can happen. That's not a risk we are willing to take with our pets, which is why we were thrilled with the design of this lead.

There is absolutely no accidentally getting out of this one!

The trigger hook you get on a standard dog lead has been replaced with an incredibly strong and secure zinc alloy carabiner-style clip that, once closed, is not going to accidentally open. It can be further secured by screwing the 'locking' sleeve in place.

  • Strong woven rope leash
  • Slight bungee stretch
  • Secure screw shut carabiner clip
  • Easy grip neoprene handle
  • Accessory O-ring
  • Length 120cm (48")

This screw sleeve locking lead is made of strong woven rope and is strong enough to handle even the largest of dogs (up to 190kg tensile strength) and comfortable enough to ensure your adventures are always enjoyable. The perfect leash for large dogs or small.

To make it extra comfortable, the rope has just a little bit of shock absorbing bungee bounce, which helps to reduce any jolts as your dog explores. The slightly stretchy quality makes walkies much more pleasant for you both, especially with a dog who tends to lunge.

All in all, this lead is hard to beat.

Most secure dog lead

You can't get much more secure for your daily walks than a dog lead with locking carabiner clip. The clever carabiner styled lead clip, with optional screwed shut function, prevents any accidental escapes or lead clip failures. The innovative secure latch simply screws closed, ensuring the lead clip will never open unintentionally. It also adds an additional security feature because it is a little harder to open on the fly, especially for the inexperienced user.

What is the safest dog leash clasp?

Even without using the safety screw 'lock, a carabiner dog lead clip is widely considered to be a much safer dog leash clasp option than a standard trigger hook. If you have ever had a trigger hook fail on a dog walk, you will know that it can and does happen. Trigger hooks are generally very safe but a carabiner style clip is even safer. Even if you choose not to use the screw fixing provided on this one, it is still safer than a traditional trigger hook.

Strong, comfortable and secure dog lead

The Comfort lead is a strong yet flexible rope dog lead with a high strength swivelling / rotating clip to prevent the lead from twisting when in use.

The tubular handle is a pleasure to hold and has been designed to be a lot more substantial than the average dog lead handle, giving you a good solid grip. It is also padded with soft yet durable neoprene which makes it incredibly comfortable on your hands. Even if your dog pulls and tugs there will be no rope burn or discomfort for you.

A handy O-ring on the handle is perfect for carrying accessories like a poop bag holder. It can also be used to close the lead (clip the lead to the O-ring to make a loop) so you can slip the lead over your shoulder while your dog is having an off-the-lead run around.

Measures 48 inches (120cm) in length (including handle and clip) with a 1.2cm rope thickness.

Available in black, orange, green, blue or purple colour combinations.

The perfect lead for strong, active dogs or in fact any dog who loves walkies. Lets go!

Secure locking rope dog lead

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