Dingo Doo Bags - Poop Bag Rolls

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Red Dingo's quality poop bags with tie handles are super thick, large, deep and strong with a double seam. This reduces the likelihood of a bag tearing - because no one wants that.

These Dingo Doo Bags are also extra large and deep so your hands are completely protected when you scoop that poop and also when you tie the bag.

These 100% biodegradable poop bags are available in packs of 4 rolls or 8 rolls. Each roll holds 15 poo bags.

Each roll comes with a tube for easy installation into the Dingo Doo Pouch * but they can also be used in other poop bag dispensers (the tube is pre-scored so it can be easily snapped off and removed if you don't need it).

* Why not get a handy, lightweight Dingo Doo Pouch as well to easily hold, carry and dispense the poo bags (available to purchase separately).

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