Flexi Comfort 5m Retractable Dog Lead
Flexi Comfort 5m Retractable Dog Lead
Flexi Comfort 5m Retractable Dog Lead
Flexi Comfort 5m Retractable Dog Lead
Flexi Comfort 5m Retractable Dog Lead
Flexi Comfort 5m Retractable Dog Lead

Flexi Comfort 5m Retractable Dog Lead

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Flexi extendable dog leads allow your dog to roam 'free' while still being safely on their lead. These retractable leads are perfect for all kinds of adventures from walks in the park, zoomies at the beach or anywhere you and your dog love to explore.

Extending leads allow dogs to stay on lead and still exercise, which is so important for their mental and physical health. We recommend tape leads over a cord lead as they are safer for everyone. And no, you don't need to worry about twists and turns of the tape. The Flexi tape guidance system helps the lead to be extended and retracted smoothly without getting jammed.

The Flexi Comfort retractable dog leads feature a wonderful soft grip handle and the entire unit has been ergonomically designed for user comfort. These leads combine quality, functionality and safety. Your dog will love the freedom, you will love the ease of handling and the smooth retracting mechanism.

The ergonomic soft-grip handle is a pleasure to hold. Flexi Comfort also has the most comfortable to use braking system we have tried in all the extendable dog leads. The medium and large lead sizes also feature an adjustable handle that can be altered to suit your own hand size. Woof!

Flexi extendable dog leads are a quality product made in Germany to the highest standards.

Unlike long lines, they easily roll in and out as your dog moves and, because they are always subject to slight tension, they never slacken or trail along the floor. With the help of the integrated braking system you are always in control. As well as the thumb operated brake button, there is a permanent stop brake which allows you to fix the lead at whatever length you desire.

Flexi set the global standard for retractable dog leads back in the 70s and is now the market leader in over 90 countries. Don't trust your dog's life to imitations. Flexi leads comply with the highest quality standards. Each lead is assembled by hand and undergoes more than 90 quality checks before it leaves the factory.

This version is the 5m length and there are 3 sizes available for dogs weighing up to 15kg, 25kg and 60kg.

Size Length for dogs to Product weight Adjustable Handle
Small 5m (tape) 15kg (33lbs) 220g No
Medium 5m (tape) 25kg (55lbs) 300g Yes
Large 5m (tape) 60kg (132lbs) 520g Yes

There is also a Flexi 8m large lead available. See related products.


If your Flexi lead gets wet, pull it out to its full length, activate the brake lock and leave it to dry.


Please do not use extending dog leads for road walks. Letting your dog walk ahead near a road is very dangerous. Please also use your Flexi lead responsibly. Don't allow the lead to injure others and do not use your hand to stop the lead. Always use the brake button.

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