H202GO Dog Water Bottle
H202GO Dog Water Bottle
H202GO Dog Water Bottle

H202GO Dog Water Bottle

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These handy, hygienic and easy to carry H202GO water bottles are perfect for giving your dog and yourself a drink on walks or days out, from the same bottle. You can drink from the bottle and your dog can drink from the bowl provided.

How does that work? It is easy. On the bottom of the bottle is a drinking bowl for your dog. Pour them a drink into the bowl and you can drink from the bottle without the risk of encountering your dog's spit and slobber.

Durable and safe stainless steel human grade water bottle with dog bowl base. 100% leak-proof.

H202GO Dog Water Bottle

Because the bottom bowl serves as a handy water bowl for your dog, the top of the bottle and the water inside stays clean for you to drink.

These bottles are made from stainless steel (which is more hygienic than aluminium or plastic) and the bowl is BPA-free plastic.

The top of the bottle includes a removable carabiner clip so you can easily attach it to your bag or belt. Perfect for the walks, days out, car journeys and anything that takes you both on adventures.

Available in sizes small (350ml) or large (750ml) and a range of colours.

SizeCapacity (holds)Height (tall)Width (circumference)Weight

Fits into the cup holder of most cars and bicycles, in backpacks, etc. The carabiner on the top of the bottle also means they can be attached to a belt or bag.

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