Noodle Pet Drying Mat
Noodle Pet Drying Mat
Noodle Pet Drying Mat
Noodle Pet Drying Mat
Noodle Pet Drying Mat
Noodle Pet Drying Mat

Noodle Pet Drying Mat

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These amazing Scruffs noodle dog drying mats absorb more water and dry more quickly than regular towels. They easily soak up excess moisture, enabling your dog's coat to dry quickly after a wet and muddy walk. Use this mat on the floor, as a pet bed liner, in the car or even as a towel.

The clever noodle design gives these dry mats a greater surface area which makes them highly absorbent and super efficient at drying muddy paws, damp tummies and wet doggies in general. Woof!

The dry mat noodles are made from a microfibre chenille material. Millions of textured, ultra-fine strands are woven together to achieve a surface area that is much greater than the actual size of the dry mat. This vast surface area gives the mat super-absorbent properties. The 25mm long chenille noodles also provide a comfortable surface for your dog to rest on.

The non-skid surface applied to the underside of the mat makes it ideal for use around the home. Use these mats on the floor, in the car or in your pet's bed to remove water and dirt from your pet's coat. Or simply rub your dog's coat to remove excess water and dirt.

  • Highly absorbent
  • Cleans and dries
  • Quick drying
  • Non-skid surface
  • Machine washable

One size: 90 x 60cm

Available in Graphite Grey or Burgundy Red.

Machine washable at 30 degrees. Do not bleach or tumble dry.

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