Your Dog's Paw Print Keyring

Up to approx 6 words but please note that the more text, the smaller the text.
Paw Print Kit Required?
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If you have selected not to have a paw print kit sent because you have an image or photo of your dog's paw print, please upload it here.
Dispatched within 4-6 weeks of the order being placed (or receipt of your paw print(s) if the postal kit is used).
Product info

This wonderful personalised paw print keyring is totally bespoke and features your dog’s very own paw print. Pure polished silver keyring made just for you featuring your dog’s own paw print plus an engraved inscription on the back.

Each keyring is handmade and totally unique to your dog, creating the perfect gift or keepsake. These keyrings are quality 99.9% pure polished silver with optional 24ct gold inlay. Every piece features the British hallmark for pure silver, struck into the silver at the assay office, ensuring a high standard of quality as standard. Included is free optional engraving on the back.

Handmade using the ancient art of lost-wax casting. Each unique piece is traditionally foundry cast in solid silver. These high quality pet keepsake pieces capture your dog's print in deep relief.

charm engravingFor the engraved inscription on the back, we can fit a number of words of text. We recommend up to say about 6 words or so. Please bear in mind that the more text you specify, the smaller the text will be. A sample of the engraving is shown to the right (on charms) but please note that it is done by hand so there will be slight variations to the style of the writing.

Capturing your pet's paw print in silver forever couldn’t be easier. When you place your order you can upload an image of your dog's paw print or even a photo of their paw. Alternatively, select the free kit option. An inkless non-toxic wipe and sensitised paper will be sent to you, allowing you to take your pet’s print at home.

You can take several paw prints, if you like, from which the best will be chosen and used. Return the print(s) using the pre-paid envelope provided. Your dog's paw print will be miniaturised, ensuring that all the fine details of the print remain and then transferred into the silver.

Each item is beautifully gift wrapped. The perfect keepsake to treasure forever. Prints are not restricted to dogs. Cat lovers can have their pet's paw prints done too.

For an extra cost you can choose to have the print inlaid with 24ct gold or rose gold.

dog paw charm gold inlay option

Please note that sizes are approximate and measurements can vary slightly due to each one being individually handmade.

Care: Silver can tarnish over time. Clean with a soft impregnated silver cloth.

All prints are kept on file. If you require any additional jewellery in the future, just let us know.

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