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Petloc Security Dog Lead
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Petloc Security Dog Lead

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This item is usually dispatched within 1-3 working days. Delivery is a further 2-3 working days.

Sorry but many colours and sizes are out of stock until the launch of the Petloc II at the end of the year / beginning of next year.


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product information

Petloc locking dog lead with steel cable is a revolutionary security dog collar and lead. Lockable dog lead with combination lock designed to secure your dog and protect against theft, straying and accidental release.

Unlike standard dog leads, which can be easily untied when dogs are left unattended, Petloc incorporates combination locks at both ends (the canine equivalent of a bike lock) and incorporates a reinforced steel cable to prevent it being cut through easily.

Petloc was developed as a direct response to the increased threat of dog theft, which has become a significant concern and has forced owners to seriously consider their dogs' security. Dogs love to be with us but most public buildings and many public areas do not admit pets, so they are often left unattended and vulnerable.

This anti-theft dog security collar and lockable dog lead has been designed by people who know and love dogs, to give dog owners peace of mind. Petloc has custom made clips featuring a combination dial system which locks securely at both ends. A simple one piece product combining locking collar and lead. It can also be used with standard collars or harnesses.

Simple to use and very quick to operate. Dogs are secured in seconds. Simply clip, lock and go!

Petloc Lockable Dog Lead Features 

Petloc is a one-piece product with no fiddly keys or separate bits. Clip the handle lock to the lead forming a secure loop around lampposts, gates or railings. So simple and secure. The S/M is 85cm and the M/L is 95cm (entire length of unit including collar).

For more details of how Petloc works please open the Petloc User Guide pdf (539KB, opens in a new window).

Petloc General Features
- Very quick to attach and release
- Strong yet lightweight
- Tether dogs with less fuss and more security than a standard dog lead
- Clear, easy to read dials
- Can be used as a normal collar and lead (not recommended for strong dogs - see below *)
- Swivel piece ensures tangle free movement between collar and lead
- Guaranteed for one year

Petloc Dog Security Collar Lead 

Petloc Security Features
- Steel cable ensures lead is chew and cut resistant
- Steel rivets protect stitched areas
- Solid metal swivel piece and attachment rings
- Non-removable rivet prevents the collar from being loosened to release pet
- High quality custom made combination locks

Due to the security feature the collar size can only be set once. Petloc is therefore not suitable for growing pups.

* Please note - Petloc is primarily a security tether for dogs. Although it can also be used as a collar and lead for walking your dog it is not recommended for strong dogs or dogs who lunge or pull on their lead.

For security reasons, if you open the Petloc packaging at all or remove or disturb any parts, this item cannot be returned or exchanged.

Petloc Dog Security Collar Lead

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customer reviews
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Good construction but only 2 numbers
Monday, 11 July 2016  |  Eunice

It's well made and appears to be tough enough to withstand someone trying to cut the lead or bust the locks open. It's quite heavy - so more secure but heavy to carry.
My complaint would be that the combination only has 2 numbers so given enough time it's easily cracked. Hopefully the dog would have bitten anybody fiddling that long...
Nice pretty pink for our girlie pooch.

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Saturday, 2 July 2016  |  Geraldine

Excellent... I can now not want Rory about my dog being stolen when I pop in to a shop. In hot weather obviously can't leave my dog in a car in hot weather. It is a bit bulky but am still very happy with it. Thank you

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Not for this pooch
Wednesday, 25 May 2016  |  Fiona

Sorry, the whole family thought it was too bulky for our Cairn, also would have liked to separate lead so we could let her have a run if we were just having a walk.

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Peace of mind
Monday, 23 May 2016  |  Caroline

This is an excellent product for those who worry about leaving their dogs tied up outside shops etc and worry about them being stolen.
Very well made and not heavy like some other safety products I've researched. Lovely shade of pink too. I will be getting another one soon for my other dog.

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Saturday, 27 February 2016  |  Tamara

This has revolutionised my life....I have a baby and like to take my dog and baby on walks but ended up having to go home to get my car to go and get a few groceries. Or I would tie her up, run inside and be terrified that somebody would steal her which was horrible.

It is really easy to set up and not too heavy (she is a whippet cross) although I wouldn't actually use it as an everyday lead unless I had to.

I have even used it to secure the pram outside a coffee shop when there wasn't space inside so it has more than the one use too!

Thank you so much

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Peace of Mind!!!!!
Monday, 30 November 2015  |  Hazel

My staffie, Frankie wears a harness and a lead. It seemed a bit strange just using a colar and lead. So he continues wearing the harness and I just add the security colar and lead when I leave him outside the shop. A number of people have commented that it's a good idea. I can pop in the shop in a calm manor. Frankie doesn't realise that it's different to his normal lead, He's happy and I'm happy, Thank you.

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015  |  Chris

Easy to use, the rivit will need tighting with vice grips to ensure its not easy to remove. Overall a geat product if you have concerns about the safety of you dog. I am confident leaving my beloved dog secured safely to posts and the like, without the anxiety of him getting stolen for dangerous dog to practice there visous skills which is not unheard of where I live.

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Very practical, just needs a couple of tweaks
Saturday, 4 April 2015  |  Karl

After looking around the market for a lead that I could feel confident would go some way to preventing my dog being stolen I settled on the pet loc lead. It's not the most attractive lead it should be said, the metal rings aren't discreet and its thick and brittle. However, it does the job I require of it. It adjusts to any dogs neck size, it has two locks which you can generate two different two digit combinations for and the lead is deceptively hard wearing and can't simply be cut through with scissors or a knife.

If you are looking for a collar and haven't found one I would reccommend this. Improvements I would suggest would be somehow making the locks lighter as smaller dogs will feel uncomfortable and by tidying up the aesthetics of it so it doesn't look and feel so industrial. Overall it's a brilliant addition to any of your dog related items and has become an essential part of my "kit".

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Good service
Thursday, 4 September 2014  |  Philippa

I received order promptly and very pleased with purchase. However, it confused me, my 17yr old son and 2 of his friends for a long, long time until we realised the vital clasps were extremely well hidden in a side pocket of the box! Only by chance did we find them - surely include them somewhere more obvious?! But apart from that, great service, great product and would recommend both.

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Locking dog lead
Monday, 17 March 2014  |  Ian

First off, the speed of delivery from dfordog was very good, so 5 out of 5 for that. I wanted some form of security as we have to leave the dog at the school gate briefly while we drop the kids off as dogs are not allowed inside the school grounds. The locking parts of the lead are easy enough to use but the leash part is quite long and uncomfortable to use as a normal lead. i.e walking to the school and back. Its an ok product and good for a brief time of leaving the dog, but I have seen better looking versions since but at twice the price.

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