Scruffs Cooling Dog Bed
Scruffs Cooling Dog Bed
Scruffs Cooling Dog Bed
Scruffs Cooling Dog Bed

Scruffs Cooling Dog Bed

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This new generation of dog cool bed features a self-cooling gel core in combination with a layer of foam for comfort and padded edges for support - features not found in most other dog cool mats or beds. A fantastic combination of comfort and cooling for your furry friend. The best cooling dog bed ever. Woof!

This clever summer dog bed features a layer of non-toxic cooling gel, breathable 3D mesh for improved airflow and a comfortable foam base. It helps your dog to stay cooler on warm days. Unlike most typical flat gel-filled cooling mats, the Scruffs Cool Bed has a foam base and recycled filling cushioned edges for loads of comfort and support.

The gel base will typically be 5-10 degrees cooler than room temperature. The special cooling gel inside is pressure activated by body weight so all your dog needs to do is lay down on it for the magic to happen.

When in use, the bed will maintain its cooling properties for approximately 1-2 hours, depending on use and the surrounding temperature (works best in temperatures under 30°C). It absorbs heat, reducing your pet's body temperature. Usually the dog moving about or leaving for an hour or so gives the cooling gel inside the bed time to restore its cooling properties.

The heat exchange process happens naturally. No need to freeze, refrigerate or plug it into the electric. The cooling gel inside the bed will absorb the heat from your dog's body even when used at room temperature. Simply unpack and place on the floor. Within a few moments of resting on the mat, your dog will feel the cooling effects.

dog self-cooling bed mat

Better than a standard cool mat for cooling and comfort!

  • Easy to use - simply place on the floor
  • Reduces body temperature by up to 10°C
  • Non-toxic cooling gel
  • Breathable 3D mesh
  • Comfortable foam base & filled edges
  • No need for refrigeration, electricity or water


Available in Medium, Large and X Large for all sizes of dog.

Medium 75cm x 53cm (29" x 21")
Large 90cm x 60cm (35" x 24")
X Large 100cm x 75cm (39" x 29.5")

Measure around your dog or their existing bed to get an idea of what size they need. Take into account that a dog trying to cool down will sprawl out, not be curled up.

Does my dog need a cooling bed?

Dogs are prone to overheating. They are trapped in fur coats all year round and they can't sweat to regulate their body temperature. Many dogs seek out cool places to relax and will often lay on hard floors in a bid to cool down. If you see your dog doing this or panting, they are feeling too warm. This deluxe cooling bed for dogs offers your four-legged friend a place to chill out.

Cool dog bed care

Best placed away from direct sunlight. If your dog is unsure at first, place the mat in their usual favourite relaxing place and let them discover its coolness.

Do not step on the bed or allow it to be pierced.

To clean simply wipe the cover with a damp cloth and mild soapy water or detergent, then rinse with clean water before use.

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