Scruffs Thermal Dog Blanket
Scruffs Thermal Dog Blanket
Scruffs Thermal Dog Blanket
Scruffs Thermal Dog Blanket
Scruffs Thermal Dog Blanket
Scruffs Thermal Dog Blanket

Scruffs Thermal Dog Blanket

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This ingenious Scruffs self-heating dog blanket is designed to keep your dog naturally warm without the use of gadgets or electricity and without the risk of your dog overheating.

Scruffs thermal self-heating dog bed

Natural warmth is conserved by reflective micro-dot technology which cleverly reflects your dog's own heat back to their body rather than allowing it to be lost to the surroundings. This thermal pet blanket is the perfect heat conserver and is a great benefit to older dogs, dogs with arthritis or other health issues or any dog who likes to be comfortable and warm at bed time.

Using the same proven technology as their thermal dog bed, the Scruffs Thermal Self-Heating dog blanket provides natural warmth for your dog on cold winter nights. The colours have also been designed to match. Choose from Black & Grey or Brown & Tan colour combinations.

Each blanket contains a foam layer, backed with reflective foil. This layer reflects body heat back to your pet keeping them warm. A quilted hollow fibre layer inside the blanket retains warm air around your pet providing additional insulation.

Use this thermal pet blanket alone, inside your dog's bed, or inside a pet carrier or crate. You can use it as a blanket over your dog or use it as a thermal base layer in their sleeping area, reducing heat lost downwards to the floor.

One size: 110 x 75cm (43 x 29.5 inches)

Machine Washable at 30 degrees.

The Scruffs brand

The famous Scruffs brand of premium dog products was born in Britain in 2005, using beautiful high end fabrics and designer colour palettes to create some of the best pet beds on the market. They have won a multitude of consumer and trade awards and their pet bedding has received some of the most prestigious pet industry awards.

Scruffs brand awards

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