The Wunderball
The Wunderball
The Wunderball
The Wunderball
The Wunderball

The Wunderball

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Wacky Walk'r have reinvented the dog ball with their unique, innovative and patent pending Wunderball. It is a virtually indestructible dog ball for pooches who rip, chew and generally destroy their toys.

Made of natural rubber with an unpredictable bounce that keeps dogs entertained and engaged, your pooch doesn't have to be destructive to enjoy this durable toy. It has so much going for it including a fun, unpredictable bounce to keep any dog entertained, vibrant easy-to-see colours and an intriguing texture that your dog will love. Woof!

Feeling sceptical? We were too so in this blog you can see our very own toy destroying dog Testing The Wunderball.

Most standard dog balls are fairly easy to destroy and have a predictable and boring bounce. Snore! Tennis balls in particular are easy to wreck, get rather stinky and are abrasive on a dog's teeth. The Wunderball is pretty much indestructible, it has an exciting unpredictable bounce, is kind to your dog's teeth and is easy to clean. It also floats so it is great for land and water games.

Even the toughest chewers can't destroy Wunderball.

Wunderball virtually indestructible dog ball

Wacky Walk'r Wunderball is an amazing alternative to standard dog balls and is perfect for dogs who destroy, rip and chomp their toys to pieces. How do we know? Because we tested it ourselves on our very destructive German Shepherd and it is still in one piece.


  • Virtually indestructible
  • 100% natural rubber
  • Vibrant and easy to see
  • Floats for water games
  • Unpredictable bounce
  • Safe to play with
  • No stink and easy to clean
  • Hand made from natural rubber
  • 3 sizes and assorted fun colours

Wunderball indestructible dog ball features

Assorted: colours vary
Materials: Natural rubber latex
Origin: Handmade in North America

What is Wunderball?

A hand made, natural solid rubber dog ball that is virtually indestructible and has an exciting bounce and irresistible texture that dogs love.

Is Wunderball safe?

Yes, totally safe. With other more standard dog balls on the pet market, dogs can often easily rip them apart and tear pieces off which can be dangerous. Tennis balls can also be abrasive to a dog's teeth. Wunderball can't be chomped into dangerous pieces and is kind to teeth, not abrasive. It really is pretty impossible to destroy one of these.

The material is a natural rubber latex so as with any latex product, be latex allergy aware.

What if my dog chews it?

These are no harmful dyes or chemicals. If chewed hard, very small pieces of the rubber may come away. These pieces are so tiny you won't notice but with prolonged chewing over a long time you may see the ball getting smaller. Think of it like a pebble on the beach, slowly wearing away. Don't worry, the pieces would be incredibly tiny and will just pass through. All you need to do is remove and replace the ball if it eventually gets too small for safe play.

Can it help with behavioural issues?

Because Wunderball can withstand even the most enthusiastic chewing, it is OK to let your dog go completely to town on it, which can help with anxiety and destructive behaviours. Keeping busy and engaged can help dogs who feel anxious, who nibble at themselves, who destroy items in the home or who engage in attention seeking behaviours. A busy and appropriately engaged dog is a happier dog.

How is it good for the planet?

One Wunderball will outlive hundreds of tennis balls so you save money and the planet too as less goes to landfill. Also, each Wunderball is made out of the rubber excess from other Wacky Walk'r products, so there is less production wastage.

Is Wunderball indestructible?

We would never say yes lightly but yes. We tested it on our German Shepherd who can destroy a black Kong in less than a minute and her Wunderball is still in one piece. That is unheard of so we are confident in this claim. See the blog link above.

Which size is best for my dog?

There are three sizes to choose from for small to large dogs. The ball sizes pretty accurately refer to small (1.5") for small breeds, medium (2.5") for medium breeds and large (3.25") for large breeds. To give you an idea of comparative size, a tennis ball is 2.7 inches.

Please note that these balls are hand made and slightly irregular. The dimensions given are approximations.

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