Pet Fit Club 2012 Winner Revealed

PDSA Pet Fit Club 2012 From Jumbo Jack to Jumping Jack Flash - UK's biggest pet loser takes the PDSA Pet Fit Club 2012 slimming crown.

Jack, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, has been crowned the UK's pet slimming champ for 2012 after shedding nearly one third (31%), of his bodyweight which equates to a remarkable 6.4kg. The now healthy hound is one of 17 formerly obese pets to have undergone a physical transformation as part of a six month diet and fitness regime run by leading veterinary charity, PDSA. In total, the pets have lost 86kg or 13 stone and 7 pounds - roughly equivalent to 28 Yorkshire Terriers, over 200 tins of dog food or a female giant panda!

Nicknamed Jumbo Jack by owner Rose Welch (52) when she adopted Pet Fit Club 2012 Winnerthe already super-sized Spaniel back in January of this year, the seven-year-old from Stanmore, Middlesex, has been transformed by his involvement in PDSA's annual slimming contest, Pet Fit Club. At the beginning of the competition he tipped the scales at 20.5kg, around double his ideal weight. Six months on he is a far healthier 14.1kg, and has trimmed an impressive 20cm off his waist.

Jack had been overfed and hardly exercised prior to being adopted by Rose. His obesity had caused him to become deaf, as the extra fat blocked his ear canals. He struggled to walk more than a few steps, couldn't play, and couldn't even bark.
"When Jack first came to us he was morbidly obese and could barely walk," said Rose. "I couldn't bear to see him in such a sad state so took him to the vet to talk about a diet and fitness plan. Today he is a different dog and we call him Jumping Jack instead of Jumbo Jack, as he jumps every time he barks now. He is fit, healthy and happy - everything a pet should be - and we are absolutely thrilled.

PDSA Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Sean Wensley, added: "This is a great success story for all concerned. Having adopted a seriously overweight animal, Rose has done a wonderful job in managing Jack's food intake and safely increasing his exercise. As for Jack, he undoubtedly feels much fitter and happier, and has a greater life expectancy than when he was overweight. The fact that he is eight years old just underlines the fact that it's never too late to improve a pet's diet and lifestyle."

Jack's remarkable achievement saw him beat off a field of overweight pet challengers from across the UK, who are now enjoying significant benefits to their health and wellbeing, thanks to losing weight on Pet Fit Club.

PDSA Pet Fit Club is now in its seventh year and has seen 68 pets (46 dogs, 21 cats and 1 rabbit) lose a total of 238kg (37stone 7lb) since 2005. The weight loss is the equivalent of a baby grand piano, 77 Yorkshire Terriers or more than 4,000 sausages or 600 tins of dog food.

Pet owners and supporters can see all of this year's finalists' results and also register their interest to take part in the next competition at