Animal Cruelty Sentences are a Joke


Animal cruelty sentences are a joke. Stand up for the animals.

Animal cruelty sentences are a joke

The current animal cruelty sentence is neither a punishment nor a deterrent. England, Wales and Scotland have some of the lowest maximum sentences for animal cruelty in Europe and the USA.

Did you know that the maximum sentence for fly tipping is longer than the maximum sentence for animal cruelty.

In England and Wales, the maximum sentence for animal cruelty is six months in prison. In Scotland it is 12 months in prison.

Help increase these maximum sentences to five years.

Some of the UK's most beloved comedians are joining forces with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home to spread the message that the maximum sentence for animal cruelty in England, Wales and Scotland is so bad, it's laughable.

Paul O'Grady says:

"There's nothing like looking into an animal's eyes to see how innocent and trusting they are, and it makes me so angry to see the way some people mistreat and abuse them. I can't stand by and watch while those responsible for the most terrible suffering are unlikely to get more than a few weeks in prison. What's to stop them doing it again? Six months isn't a fit punishment. It's time we started taking animal abuse seriously and punish it for the awful crime it is. I've witnessed first hand the incredible work Battersea do to rescue those dogs and cats, and I'm standing up with them to call for stronger sentences for animal abusers."

How your support can change the law

Support Battersea's campaign and let's change the law for animals. You can help by getting the support of your MP or MSP, encouraging them to back five year animal cruelty sentences.

Enough support will get animal cruelty sentencing on parliament's agenda. The hope is to get parliament to change the law, helping countless of defenceless animals.

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Jennifer Thomson
29 September 2017  |  16:41

I totally agree with everything Paul O’Grady says about how ridiculous our laws are for abusing innocent animals. The UK has to seriously make massive changes when it comes to all animal cruelty cases. We desperately have to make animal abusers stop & think about what they are doing by handing out severe prison sentences instead of getting a slap on the rist & a ban on owning any animals for 5 years or so which in my opinion is in no way a deterrent. We as human beings have to make a stand on behalf of all animals who unfortunately don’t have a voice. Please sign this petition folks!!!

Paula Collins
29 September 2017  |  16:48

I agree prison sentences should be increased also the fines they should also be banned for life from keeping any animal

Tania McQuillan
29 September 2017  |  20:20

People need to know that animal cruelty will be dealt with seriously. This is a subject close to my heart and I hate to see reports of animals getting abused and the scumbags walking free with little or no consequence. In my mind it shouldn't happen in the first place, how can a human being hurt a defenceless creature. The punishment should match the crime.

Dennis Heaton
30 September 2017  |  13:49

Anyone who harms or mistreats animals should be sent to prison for a long time.

Jen Martin
03 October 2017  |  12:49

If I had one wish it would be to stop animal cruelty all over the world, until I get that one wish little things like this will all help to make a difference. Please help all those beautiful animal souls that don't have a voice .... they need us to speak up for them, please sign the petition, together we can make a difference :)

Sheila Glover
12 October 2017  |  13:07

Welcome news that it looks like it will be increased to 5 years but this is still not enough. We want a register of all offenders and we want it enforced. Serial killers almost always start by abusing animals so it is in everyone's interests to take this deadly seriously.