Ban The Sale of Puppies Without Their Mothers Being Present


Ban the sale of puppies without their motherMarc the Vet (Marc Abraham BVM&S MRCVS) of Pup Aid needs your help in their campaign against puppy and kitten farming.

"Right guys here it is our Government e-petition to guarantee puppy and kitten farming is debated in Parliament. We just need your help to get to 100,000 signatures ASAP to make it extremely newsworthy so PLEASE can everyone SIGN and SHARE with friends, forums, charities, twitter, everyone you know who loves dogs/cats/animals and hopefully it will lead to an end to the horrific practice of puppy and kitten farming. It is all about PEOPLE POWER so let's do it folks. Thanks again for all your support x Pup Aid"

HM Government e-petition
Ban the sale of young puppies and kittens without their mothers being present.

Pup Aid campaign against puppy farmingPuppies and kittens mass produced in horrific puppy/kitten farms are separated from their mothers too early, transported long distances and sold via pet shops, newspaper ads, websites and private dealers.

These puppies/kittens suffer:

- Impaired immune systems
- Painful diseases requiring costly treatment
- Shorter life spans
- Poor socialisation leading to behavioural issues

Prospective owners should always:

- Ask "Where's Mum?"
- Insist on seeing puppy/kitten and mother interacting
- Be aware of scams e.g. fake/no mother present

The only exceptions are rescue animals that have been orphaned/abandoned.

We call on the Government to ban the sale of young puppies/kittens unless their mothers are present.

We ask for urgent action to raise awareness and encourage the public to choose a responsibly bred puppy/kitten at least 8 weeks old, or adopt from a legitimate rescue organisation.

The Government must end the cruel practice of puppy/kitten farming in the UK.

Amber Hammond
08 May 2013  |  18:17

Animals deserve the natural time with their mother like any other creature born in this world.

Rita Payne
09 May 2013  |  0:02

We need to join forces and spread the word to end this cruel trade. Well done Pup Aid.

Carol O'leary
09 May 2013  |  8:33

This cruelty must be stopped

T Burton
31 May 2013  |  15:44

the only way this evil trade will stop is when people stop creating a demand,

M J Bohannon
31 May 2013  |  16:40

How do I sighn up?

D for Dog
31 May 2013  |  16:52

The petition is at

31 May 2013  |  16:46

Done... Just hope it works and goes through.

D for Dog
31 May 2013  |  16:53

Thank you everyone who has signed. I see the total stands at 28,211 signatures today.

Daniela Lora
05 June 2013  |  18:49

Every name helps .....

05 June 2013  |  21:30

Puppy farms are a disgrace. No compassion!

Alexandra Lynn Lora
06 June 2013  |  18:12

what kind of people,are envolved in this sickening business,they are obviously , cold hearted, no compassion exempt of any feeling.,you,d have to be, to work or have any involvement in a puppy farm .THANKYOU FOR TRYING TO BAN PUPPY FARMS

08 June 2013  |  12:08

Yes puppy farming should be banned unless they see there mother.