Ban Towbar Dog Carriers


Ban towbar dog carriersThe emergence of a new towbar product for transporting dogs is causing concern, and rightly so. These contraptions are barbaric and cruel.

One look at the photos should tell you all you need to know. It is exactly what it looks like - a crate that fits on the towbar on the back of your car, and people are being encouraged to transport their dogs in them.

This is not a safe or responsible way to transport any living creature. I can't begin to imagine how frightening this must be for a dog.

Advertised as the ultimate solution "for the transport of luggage, bicycles, dogs, pets, strollers, wheelchairs, etc." How sickening.

One of the sellers of this insane product say "you do not get your car dirty or scratch it. Also saves 2 hours of cleaning... every weekend!". Well that's OK then.

Ban towbar dog cratesApparently you can also kit the box out with a wooden floor "for your dog's comfort" and it has ventilation holes, also "for their comfort". Unbelievable.

This mode of transport is dangerous, stressful and cruel.


In many countries dogs are being cruelly transported in this way. Towbar crates of various designs are already for sale in Ireland. We are asking everyone to sign and ask our Government to ban these barbaric means of transportation before they become available for sale and use in the UK.

Click here Ban the use of towbar dog carriers before they are available for sale and use in the UK.

10,000 signatures are needed and they are so very nearly there so please sign and share.

Julie Wilson
26 March 2015  |  14:36

Noooooooooo its cruel

Maggie Warnett
26 March 2015  |  15:19

these crates are cruel beyond belief, how any dog lover could do this is heartless...

Patricia Cockburn
26 March 2015  |  15:45

Terrifying to think these might become available.

June Howard
26 March 2015  |  23:13

To terrifying for dogs or any animal to travel in

Karen Dawber
27 March 2015  |  7:49

Poor dogs, what about the fumes? Is this an April fools idea?

Heather Trojan
27 March 2015  |  8:36

Hideous and barbaric

Joyce Ellaway
27 March 2015  |  8:44

and is a quick way to get dog squashed in a crash by tailgaters . Never mind fumes from the exhaust-the heat etc. If you don't want your car messed up then don't have a dog. simples

27 March 2015  |  9:29


Barbara Rivers
28 March 2015  |  0:42

Oh my goodness!! This is beyond terrible ~ I can't believe that someone was actually willing to produce these crates!!

28 March 2015  |  14:06

cruel is the word ,they can't even move around and think of all the fumes they will inhale disgraceful

28 March 2015  |  14:18


Lucy Tideswell
28 March 2015  |  20:09

The first to get crushed? Why not put the children in there too to ensure maximum misery. Ridiculous! If you are so worried about the inside of your car, don't get a dog.

04 July 2016  |  1:33

Do you take your kids to the vet? Or feed them on biscuits? Or make tour dogs wear seatbelts? They arnt children! As for the fumes, pit the air vents at the top.
As for space, well, arguable they can be made with more space than a dog that's tied on the tray of a Ute( assuming they're tied on so they can't jump off)

The ONLY threat is a rear end crash.

Anna Berglund
29 March 2015  |  18:07

Itīs so disgusting and cruel! BAN NOW!!!

Jan Baldwin
01 April 2015  |  17:14

Someone, please have the sense to BAN these

Lynn Dodd
01 April 2015  |  17:15

Wrong on so many levels, just cruel. BAN BAN BAN

Alex Weston
01 April 2015  |  17:21

These are unbelievably awful. They should be illegal.

Sally Purchase
01 April 2015  |  17:25

How dangerous is that

Carol Chapman
01 April 2015  |  17:33

How sad and quite unbelievable that this should be perceived to be a good idea! I agree this should be made illegal.

01 April 2015  |  17:52

shocking , dangerous and frightening for the poor dogs. They wouldn't stand a chance if there was a rear bumper accident. Should be banned

Hilary Breckin
01 April 2015  |  17:57

totally cruel and dangerous. must be banned.

Wendy Scott
01 April 2015  |  18:02

Who in their right mind would put their dog in this to transport it, way too dangerous !!

Jason Wigley
01 April 2015  |  18:05

Disgusting! They should be band asap

01 April 2015  |  18:24


Donna Kent
01 April 2015  |  18:32

It is incomprehensible that anyone had the thought process to develop this hideous product. They should be banned, recalled and recycled.

Yvonne Simpson
01 April 2015  |  18:49

I have never heard such nonsense in my life, This is the worst thing I have heard of. So cruel, what if there was an accident at the back of the car the poor animal would be killed. I hope to god this never happens in England.

Martha Johnson1
01 April 2015  |  19:01

what moron thought up these cruel crates

Kath Stewart
02 April 2015  |  20:06

The designer of this lethal death trap should be put in a. Garage with every car running. Hasn't this numb scuttle thought of the exhaust fumes these poor animals will be breathing in, not only from the car towing it. But from every other car, how many times do cars get caught up in non moving lines of traffic. Imagine how polluted the air will be at that levelThere isn't enough Room to swing a cat in it. Many animals are terrified when motorbikes and flash cars zoom buy there little hearts would be working overtime with fear and carbon monoxide poisoning.for gods sake report drivers if you see this happening. PLEASE BAN THESE RIDICULOUS TRANSPORTERS. NOW. BAN,BAN,BAN .

Maggie Warnett
01 April 2015  |  19:02

I hope they don't become popular in uk.. They are barbaric & cruel, can't see any dog enjoying being in this!!

Julie Browse
01 April 2015  |  19:24

Crazy idea. These should be banned immediately

01 April 2015  |  19:57

if u look at the design it is a gas box look were the car's exaust is plus what happens when it rains,i think we should put the desingers in the gas box and give them a 200mile ride and see how they like it , it is totally barbaric .....

Su Haydock
01 April 2015  |  21:26

No dog lover would buy one of these things.

Louise Leigh
01 April 2015  |  22:44

This is wrong on many levels! When it is a lot safer and less cruel to transport dogs inside our veichles, only a sick human being would choose to put their dog at risk on the outside of the car! The poor creatures are being rejected the care and responsibilities that as owners you sign up to when you purchase an animal! Just think about the horrific scene you would have if a veichles were to crash into the back of your car when you had stuck your dogs on the back of it! This is twisted, cruel and unnecessary!

Sue Mayhew
02 April 2015  |  7:21

absolutely disgusting, ban them

The Grocer
02 April 2015  |  7:58

This type of tow bar cage was used in Greece for years, and last year thankfully has been outlawed, and Greece is not that animal friendly! Fines are high, but currently enforcement in rural areas is not that strong.

02 April 2015  |  8:29

Horrible must be banned !!! No dog lover would use this.

Hilary Williams
02 April 2015  |  9:33

Should be banned, no genuine dog lover would every consider using one

Vicky Freeman
02 April 2015  |  9:36

Ban it! It's so cruel.

Denise Hillman
02 April 2015  |  12:14

what about the exhaust fumes

Nick Garlick
02 April 2015  |  13:38

its horrendous and dangerous for humans so why would you put a put dog in there!

Carol Guyatt
02 April 2015  |  14:13

so cruel

02 April 2015  |  18:11


Wendy Leigh
02 April 2015  |  19:01

How can anyone be so cruel putting any animal in this awful thing let alone a poor dog, need to be banned EVERYWHERE

Mandy Bray
03 April 2015  |  8:00

Horrendous, ban them.

Margaret Palmer
03 April 2015  |  16:29

Absolutely disgusting!!! how would the owners like to be carried in this way - I think not!!!!.

Brodie's Mom
25 April 2015  |  14:51

This is disgusting and cruel. I thought we were supposed to be more intelligent now. Whoever designed these tortuous devices should be put in one and taken for a long ride. Or shot.

09 May 2015  |  21:16

Evil. Cramped conditions, can't even sit upright, no water, exhaust fumes, and they must be terrified when traffic comes close behind.

02 February 2016  |  10:35


Susan Rogers
24 July 2018  |  22:51

hi, i need help two dogs are being caged in one of these and we need to get them out as not getting the help please tell me how do you open these barbaric insane boxes that no way would ever be allowedd in the uk never

Lance Sheppard
18 February 2021  |  0:56

I disagree with you,we have a goldwing trike and this would be the only way to take our 90 pound dog with us. My only concern would be weather exhaust fumes would be a problem for a yes or no on doing so.

Mark Terry
04 March 2021  |  17:43

We sell these boxes in the UK. They are perfectly safe.

I transport my hunting dogs around and they enjoy it.

Norman Rogers
16 March 2022  |  19:45

I carry my dog every day ina dog box on the tow hitch and he loves it when i come out in the morning he waiting in the box to day i stoped at Tesco's and a stupid young man told me it was cruel and illegal to carry a dog in a box i think my dog is smarter then the stupid man

Paul Hassan
15 June 2022  |  1:08

i think this is a lovely idea great creative thinking and great for my Irish wolfhounds they love the ride and are always happily barking the whole way. when it dose break they tend to safely roll away