Joke Telling Dog Owners Wanted for BBC4

BBC4 Some People with JokesDo you love telling Jokes? Do you have a favourite gag that cracks you and your friends up every time? If this is you, BBC Four would love you to share them.

Casting House are currently casting amateur joke tellers to feature on the second series of BBC Four's "Some People with Jokes". The show consists of three different categories of people sharing their favourite joke. The show is returning for a second series, and they are therefore looking for new participants to be on the show.

Calling all joke telling dog owners

One of the categories they are looking to cast in the new series is dog owners. They are looking for dog owners who have a great joke; whether it is about themselves, someone they know, a funny event or even an old family classic etc.

The filming would be completed within a day and all expenses and travel would be covered.

In the new series, to be filmed at the end of 2013 and early 2014, they are looking for joke tellers who are either:

- Undertakers or Funeral Directors
- Dog Owners
- Irish Men and Woman

If this is you, then please contact or 01908 681 140.

You can view a clip from the first series below: