Highchair For Dog With Enlarged Oesophagus

Bella the dog eating in her upright Bailey ChairThis sweet little dog is called Bella. She has a condition called Megaesophagus which means that her oesophagus is enlarged and she needs to eat her meals in an upright position. In this video you can see her happily using what is called a Bailey Chair. It keeps her comfortable and upright while she eats and for 10 minutes afterwards.

In the Youtube description her owners explain: "This is our cute dog Bella. She was diagnosed with congenital megaesophagus soon after we found her at 4 months old. Megaesophagus means that her esophagus is enlarged and lacks the muscle mobility to swallow food while horizontal. This is her "Baileys Chair," which she needs sit in while eating and for 10 minutes after she eats. She eats soft dog food with a little water mixed in. She is now seven months old and doing great!"

Wonderful. Well done to Bella's lovely humans for taking such good care of her extra special feeding needs and bon appétit Bella.

For more info on canine Megaesophagus and these special upright highchairs for dogs, visit Megaesophagus and The Bailey Chair.

A lot of people ask me when they can get a Bailey chair in the UK. This Facebook page Bailey Chairs for Dogs UK make them but there is a waiting list. You can contact them via Facebook.

Megaesophagus and The Bailey Chair

17 September 2013  |  23:33

where can I buy a bailey chair for my dog

D for Dog
18 September 2013  |  11:02

Please see the link above the video for further info.

Sigrid Riches
02 September 2016  |  7:03

i need a bailey chair for my great dane girl - aged 7

Mrs P J Mardell.
03 April 2017  |  8:57

we have a border collie who has the megaesophagus throat.so need a high chair for feeding.

Moira Doig
23 February 2019  |  14:49

I work inarescue in South West France. We have a dog who is in quite a statte and has been diagnosed with mega oesophagus.We would like toget him achair. How can we proceed?

Susan Reynolds
18 June 2022  |  10:16

My 9 year old mini labradoodle has just been diagnosed, she has lost a lot of weight. The vcouldn't believe she has gone undiagnosed for so long

Ann Enge
12 March 2019  |  15:14

Need a chair for my labrador a medium size 26kg 10 year old newly diagnosed with mega eosopagus

Brian Marchmont
19 July 2021  |  21:19

I have a beautiful 8-year old Golden Retriever, 31 kg, just diagnosed with megaoesophagus. Happy to be hand fed and held for whatever time it takes. Doing really well so far. Anyone know of a suitable chair for long term management?

Tracy Parkes
10 January 2021  |  20:00

Hi. I would like some information on how to purchase a Bailey chair for my dog Misha. She has Megaesophagus. Shes a 5 year old Siberian Husky. Thank you

Nick K
10 March 2022  |  23:23

I had a Baileys Chair made for my Lab, it is available to collect. Based in North West England, drop me a message if needed

D Baines
19 April 2022  |  9:42

Could you please tell me where to order a bailey chair

17 May 2022  |  10:36

What area are you in I have a bailey chair available please email me

21 April 2022  |  13:24

Hi My Boxer has been diagnosed with megaoesphagus can you tell me please if your chair is still available 🙏🏻

Victoria Fenwick
25 January 2023  |  6:07

My dachshund has this and getting worse

18 March 2014  |  20:54

I was wondering if you could give me some uk suppliers of Bailey chairs for a Dogue de Bordeaux. Lola has just been diagnosed with Mega Esophagus and we would like to purchase one for her
Kind regards

D for Dog
19 March 2014  |  9:10

Please see the link above the video for further info. I hope you manage to find one for Lola.

04 March 2016  |  14:00

We can make Bailey chairs https://www.facebook.com/BaileychairsUK

Doreen Wiltshire
29 September 2017  |  15:15

Our 13week GSD diagnosed with ME this week. Need an adjustable chair to grow with her if possible?

02 March 2017  |  22:00

Hello we have a French bulldog his name is stitch he is 2.5yrs old and we need a Bailey chair for him

Victoria Blake
31 July 2014  |  17:22

We need a feeding chair for a great dane please! Can you help us? Please!

18 August 2014  |  9:24

Hi our dog just died :( I can give her feeding chair if you are interested my no 07977500439 Thank you

D for Dog
31 July 2014  |  19:00

Sorry, we are nothing to do with the Bailey chair but the link above the video (scroll back up) should help.

Lucy McCarthy
30 April 2015  |  13:54

I am looking for a chair in the uk desperately.
Its for a golden retriever.
my dad can't make one as he is ill with cancer. the states won't send one either. can anyone help?

Bill Coleman
06 June 2015  |  11:15

My 2year old boxer"Roxy" has been diagnosed with megaosophagus and needs a chair urgently,I am based in Chelmsford and would appreciate any help in requiring one urgently.
Thanks in advance

Sarah Shadbolt
03 July 2015  |  13:19

Hi Bill

If you find somewhere that sells these can you please let me know. I am also based in Chelmsford and my Lowchen pup who is only 10 weeks old has been diagnosed with this today.



Annie Rodgers
14 August 2015  |  0:34

Hi Sarah
Did you find somewhere that sells Bailey chair. My dog Emmy just been diagnosed.



Alicia Acosta
08 December 2015  |  23:33

Middle size dog megaesophadus sick pet. Beed price and sizes prices.

D for Dog
09 December 2015  |  9:51

I'm sorry but we don't sell this item.

Tracy Kemp
16 January 2016  |  18:15

High I need a bailey chair for my king Charles spaniel. Please please help. She has just been diagnosed and she is 3 years old. Vet said her prognosis is poor. Please someone help us. Thank you

Charlie Bartram
08 June 2016  |  13:50

Hi, did u manage to find a Bailey chair?

James Wilkinson
19 February 2016  |  0:17

Hi all. I came across A advert in my local paper,looking for A Bailey chair. im going to make one. I will starting making them to sell via Paypal, I will make a facebook page called: BAILEY CHAIRS UK..... Once i have worked costs for materials. keep an eye on facebook for when im and running,will be happy to help your doggies

Frith Trezevant
24 February 2016  |  5:43

We have a beloved JRT who is struggling with this illness. Please can you help.

James Wilkinson
25 February 2016  |  17:09

I have a Facebook page: Bailey chairs for dogs UK

Sigrid Riches
02 September 2016  |  7:08

james i am 70 and i need a baileys chair for my great dane girl aged 7 - i am not computer savvy and cannot navigate on facebook - how can i get one?

Mandy Britton
17 July 2016  |  18:20

I have a dog ,German wire haired pointer who has megasophagus as a result of PRAA.we got her at 4 months, and she's now 26 months.There's an American megasophagus site which is brilliant and very supportive. I dont know anyone else in the Uk with a megasophagus dog , and my vet is lovely but knows very little about it. I managed to get a Bailey chair and never give her water, but soak her food (Arcana )in double amount water overnight and feed her with a spatula and give her pots of jelly water(gelatine) which I make in 240g pots.I've got her feeding down from 4 times a day to twice. Also no treats. She's beautiful and otherwise very healthy. It's so upsetting and difficult at the beginning and I'm sure we'll have more ups and downs, but it's worth it. Do check the American forum.

08 January 2017  |  9:28

Hello Mandy

My parents' Irish Setter is suffering with this condition. They live in the West Midlands. Where did you source your Bailey Chair from please? I will share your post with them as I think they would be interested to read about the gelatine option. Hope your dog is doing well despite the condition.


Clifford Manning
11 January 2017  |  17:14

Can you please tell me where I can buy a Bailey chair for my Golden Retriever,

15 February 2017  |  22:58

Hi Clive

Did you find a Bailey Chair supplier? My parents' Irish Setter is in need of one too.



Michele Danks
16 October 2017  |  13:26

Just seen one made to measure on ebay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bailey-Chair-for-dogs-with-Megaesophagus-made-to-measure-/322484436625?hash=item4b1591fe91:g:1qwAAOSwRUhY8kGQ

24 July 2018  |  14:44

Hi I'm from the UK we found out our dog at 12 weeks has megaesophagus we couldn't find a bailey chair anywhere so got a local carpenter to make her one she now 18 weeks old and doing fab not recurriated her food once its saved her life she now gets in chair herself.

Pat Walker
27 April 2019  |  16:58

My son bought a Labrador puppy for his kids..and him...however after extensive tests he was found to be suffering from easphogeous for dogs. He's only 4 months old. We now need a Bailey chair for when he's bigger or alternative. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

Gordon Aitkenhead
28 January 2020  |  17:02

Where can I get a bailey chair or eq for a french Bulldog?

Angela Atick
19 March 2021  |  11:56

Please help my lassa hes nearly 4ittook vet all this time to finally found out hes got the disease he needs a Bailey chair as he wont eat cant even get food down him can you please help because Im disabled my daughter wonts him put to sleep or to give him away I love him so much I live alone he such a loving dog please can you help as if I cant get food down him he will die I just want a chance for him

Maria Gonzalez
08 June 2021  |  23:21

Where can I get a bailey highchair for my dog he needs it

Mandy Growcott
05 July 2021  |  17:18

I have a bailey chair what area u in email me

14 July 2021  |  16:24


Mandy Growcott
21 June 2021  |  20:03

I have a bailey chair if anyone needs one

Deryn Husker
14 July 2021  |  19:55

Can I ask where you got your baileys chair?
My dog is newing one

28 January 2022  |  14:17

I have two high chairs that need good homes email me

24 February 2022  |  15:41

I have a chair west midlands

Nick K
10 March 2022  |  23:21

I had a Baileys Chair made for my Lab, it is available if anyone needs. Based in North West England, drop me a message

Maggie Savidge
07 June 2022  |  19:00

I run a Facebook group, Dog Walking North West England, and we have a member enquiring where to obtain a Bailey chair for his labrador. Any assistance would be much appreciated

Maggie Savidge
07 June 2022  |  18:58

The link to the Facebook page doesn't work

08 February 2023  |  13:34

Where can I get a Bailey chair please for a mini daschund...