The Best Skateboarding Dog Video Ever

Skateboarding dog videos... I have seen a few and always enjoy them. A dog having a great time doing any activity gets a big thumbs up from us, doesn't it laugh But I have to stick my neck out here and say this is possibly be the best skateboarding dog video I have ever seen.

Dash, the skateboarding dog, can be seen enjoying himself at a proper skatepark. Omar von Muller explains on Youtube that they go to the skatepark at 6:30am before anyone gets there. Not only does Dash skate like a pro but he can also be seen repeatedly performing kickflips with his board. Amazing.

Oh wait a sec... Dash is not alone. Another of Omar's dogs, Jumpy, likes skateboarding too. Fantastic. You may have seen Jumpy before when his Extreme Jumpy video showing 20 stunts in one minute and also his video of dog painting a master piece both went viral. Here he is skateboarding.
Skateboarding seems to be Dash and Jumpy's favourite sport, but the pair can also be seen diving into a pool (yes, from a diving board) and Jumpy is a dab hand at performing a roly poly too. Great fun. Omar's Youtube channel is definitely worth a look. One lovely video shows Jumpy learning his roly poly (tuck and roll) trick. It's wonderful to see. Such love and trust between owner and dog.

And if you think Omar seems familiar or if you recognise one of his other dogs... yep, you are not seeing things... he adopted and trained the very famous Uggie.