Billy Smart's Circus

A dog walks into a job centre, jumps up on the counter and says to the startled assistant "Alright mate, got any jobs going?".

The stunned assistant replies "You're a talking dog!". The dogs says “Yep, got any jobs or what?". "But, you can talk" the assistant replies. "Yes" says the dog "we've established that, now what about a job?".

The assistant gathers himself. "Hang on, I’ll go and find out" and he runs out to the back office and gets on the phone to Billy Smart's circus. "Hey Billy, I've got a talking dog here. Can you use him?" "Hell yeah!" says Billy "send him over".

The assistant goes back to the dog "I've got you a job" he says. "Awesome" says the dog "where?" "At Billy Smart's circus" comes the reply.

The dog looks puzzled "Billy Smart's circus?" he says “What the F*** does he want with a plumber!"

A dog walks into a job centre