Give a Dog a Bone... and an animal a home

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Give a Dog a Bone... and an animal a home is a newly registered charity that brings animals and the elderly together.

"We care about the rising number of animals in shelters and about loneliness in old age, so we had an idea..."

The aim is to bring animals and the elderly together by providing two services:

Give a Dog a Bone... and an animal a home

1) Support the local elderly population who are struggling to afford to feed their pets by providing help with their monthly pet food costs. The hope is that this will prevent the elderly from handing their beloved pets into over-crowded shelters.

2) Support the local elderly population who are unable to afford a pet to benefit from the love of an animal. If they choose to re-home an animal from a shelter, we can pay for all associated re-homing fees, whilst providing on-going monthly support with pet food costs.

It is well known that pets can have a positive effect on the well being of their elderly owners. Many of these individuals live alone and their pet is their main source of company and affection.

Pets are constant companions and can bring welcome relief from the adverse effects of loneliness in old age. They can provide their owners with the motivation to rise in the morning, and also with the feeling of being needed.

And of course the rescue animals benefit from this idea by being found a loving home or being helped to stay in their existing home.

Let’s work together to help the elderly benefit from the love of a pet, either by providing them with financial support for pet food or by helping them to re-home an animal who needs a new start.

Success stories

In the short time since gaining charitable status, the charity have found loving homes for a number of cats and dogs. The success stories make a wonderful read.

How you can help

Donate to Give a Dog a BoneGive a Dog a Bone rely on public donations to continue their vital work. As a registered charity, they don’t receive any money from the government or local authority so they really need your help.

If you are able to help fund the important work that Give a Dog a Bone do, please donate to this worthy cause. Thank you very much.

The charity also hosts several fundraising events throughout the year. To find out about events, visit

Heather Tilbury
08 December 2017  |  18:17

Iooking for a sweet older dog, must, happy to live with my dog friendly, cats. Must be , easy to walk, and good in a car, many thanks.