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Have you ever wished there was an easy way to compare dog food quickly and easily via a source you can trust so you can find out which really are the best dog foods, which ones to avoid and get the perfect balance between food quality and price?

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I am sure I am not alone in the amount of time spent comparing dog food reviews, checking ingredients, searching for online advice and still feeling like I might have missed something important or be feeding the wrong thing.

Thanks to a lovely customer who I got chatting to recently, I discovered an invaluable website called All About Dog Food which helps us all in our dog food quest. And boy, did it come at the perfect time for me and my dogs. I was struggling with an out of control German Shepherd who appeared to have become incredibly unruly for no apparent reason. Of course, hardly anything happens for no reason and her bonkers behaviour improved as soon as we improved her food. Yay.

Now, that's not to say the wrong choice of dog food will always be that dramatic or obvious. Look out not only for behavioural signs in your dog but also the condition of their coat, their general health and of course their poos. A good stool should be firm and consistent with regular bumps.

Even if your dog appears to be in tip top condition, it is worth checking the food you currently feed them just to see how it is rated and what alternatives might exist.

When looking for dog food advice, we want to make sure it is independent and honest. Dog food manufacturers, retailers and even vets, who are often governed by the activities of reps, can never be truly unbiased. Our friends may recommend a certain dog food but, with the best will in the world, do they know any more about it than we do?

All About Dog Food

I was incredibly impressed with the 'All About Dog Food' website. It appears to have no hidden agenda at all other than helping us to find the best food and treats for our dogs at a price we can afford.

The site is a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in their dog's diet. It includes interactive dog food and treat directories plus a dynamic dog food comparison page. Extra information is also provided in the form of a comprehensive feeding guide, dog food FAQ and forum.

Every dog food in the directory is given a special expert rating to show how beneficial the food or treat is expected to be for the majority of dogs based on its stated ingredients.

Even if you only have a few minutes to spare, have a quick look. Maybe check out the food you are currently feeding and see what you find out. You may be surprised.

It's all free!

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By Jenny Prevel

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Pamela Bates
01 June 2017  |  16:49

Re: allabout dogfood
Well, you get THE SAME recommendations no matter what age or weight of dog you specify (maybe for breed too, but I'd lost interest by then).

D for Dog
01 June 2017  |  17:05

As far as I can tell, the filters (breed, weight) are to help calculate an approximate daily cost of each dog food. It's a nice optional piece of information to have if you are budgeting.

Julie Pleass
01 June 2017  |  17:35

This is a brilliant site but I'm horrified that I've been feeding my dog Royal Canin and it scores so badly! I thought I was doing the best for my four legged friend! ☹️ I've just ordered some of the Greens food to try her on that.

D for Dog
03 June 2017  |  11:01

Well done Julie. I had a similar experience. Good luck with the change over and don't forget to do it slowly :-)

Vince Menichetti
02 June 2017  |  12:05

Very good site i've always been feeding my bullmastiff and yorky 'Burns original' was told it is one of the best holistic etc but now looking at your chart its not so good big boys 7 yrs now and titch is 9yrs so i'll carry on wiyh Burns and hope to god i'm doing the best for them

Paula Pearce
03 June 2017  |  1:13

I am very fussy about the food I give my dogs and have been over the past 20 + years. I know what suits them and what they are happy with. I wouldn't change just to save some pennies. My dogs are too precious for that

D for Dog
03 June 2017  |  11:00

The site is about finding the best quality dog food Paula. The price indicator is just a helpful extra for anyone on a budget. This site is for the good of dogs, not the detriment, or I would not recommend or use it. Even those happy with their dog's food can have a quick look, just to be sure. Lots of dog foods are poorer quality or ingredients than we are often lead to believe.

07 June 2017  |  9:27

I used to believe the labels on the packaging of products such as Bakers which stated they were "light & sensitive", "weight control", etc. It wasn't until I discovered All About Dog Food that I realised that cheaper foods tend to be made with vague ingredients like "meat and animal derivatives", which could be anything! Cheaper "low fat" foods also tend to swap fat for various types of sugars, and my two Cavaliers put on lots of weight when I was feeding them cheaper "low fat" foods because I was uninformed at the time.

Thanks to All About Dog Food, I have been able to check the nutritional content of the various foods available at my local store, and have been able to buy better quality food within my budget as a result.

My advice would be to use the web site as a tool to buy the best quality food you can within your budget.

06 August 2019  |  10:50

My 8 month puppy keep getting upset tummy’s

11 December 2020  |  9:15

Good site .. I've looked at most the foods listed . The good the bad the ugly .. .