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Cowboy Puppy Traders Channel 5In August last year we had permission from Channel 5 to spread the word about an episode of Cowboy Traders they were planning to make that would feature the puppy farming trade and backyard breeders. All you lovely dog lovers did a fantastic job spreading the word so that establishments could be flagged up for the show. In fact we all did such a good job, Channel 5 contacted us again a few weeks later asking us to remove the info as the planned covert operation was becoming far too public.

That was the last we heard... until now.

They've targeted the bad builders – now it's time to round up the rest of the cowboys. Following the huge success of Cowboy Builders, Dom Littlewood and Melinda Messenger will be joining forces, turning their attentions to cowboy traders once again in a second series of the popular prime-time consumer series Cowboy Traders.

Cowboy Traders has seen Dom and Melinda turning their attentions to rogues in other industries, with dodgy car dealers, dishonest landlords and unscrupulous bridal shop owners all on their hit list.

Each hour-long episode features families who’ve suffered at the hands of an unreliable trader. Dom uses his trademark blend of detective work, investigative journalism and undercover filming to expose the perpetrators, while Melissa helps the unfortunate victims of the scams.

Series 2 will include an episode about the trade in puppies. Dom and Melinda investigate a West Sussex puppy trader. The episode will be shown this Thursday, 20th June 2013 at 8pm on Channel 5.

Series 2 - Episode 1: Puppies | Cowboy Traders

A puppy trader has been selling sick puppies to unsuspecting pet-lovers. Dom and Melinda meet two families left brokenhearted after their new puppies died days after purchase. The team goes undercover to expose the seller and ends up rescuing two dangerously ill puppies in the process. While Melinda attempts to get them nursed back to health and rehomed, Dom meets an ex-employee who is keen to blow the lid on the whole operation.

20 June 2013  |  21:09

my puppy come a puppy farm the think council rspca poilce court but he never turn up to court

20 June 2013  |  22:06

this women who owned the puppy farm has she just been left no fine no jail sentence no dogs taken off her???

05 July 2013  |  13:49

Puppy farmers sell pups for large sums of money they mislead buyers into the false belief their dogs are health tested and will offer to show 5 gen pedigrees. They are irrelevant they mean nothing the only thing that matters is all dogs parents grandparents and pups are from health tested stock. No KC papers is a tell tale sign of a scam puppy farmer . Breeders place endorsements on KC paper to protect dogs and you as buyers, if they are then bred by those who regard money more than health then hey you will fall because vets fees are expensive. Do not buy any breed from those offering free gym memberships or personal training which is being offered in Wallasey by an East German scum bag.

Peter Murphy
18 September 2013  |  4:23

I know 1 dedicated dog and puppy website... [link removed], which verifies all advertisers which place a puppy/dog advert, the only site which requests Council licenses and KC Assured Breeders Certificates from the required breeders for over 13 years.

The Kennel Club however have only been requesting council licenses for just over 1 year... ! After hearing the shocking facts on how inbred Kennel Club Registered dogs are and how breeds are in danger because of the KC ways…, the KC still feel it is best to buy a puppy ONLINE from their website very hypercritical don't you think..?

From the comments made by the KC I feel they should contact all previous owners which purchased puppies from their website with a full explanation as to why they let this happen.

I have been using [link removed] as a Breeder for 13 years I have placed adverts on nearly all sites and found [link removed] and [link removed] are by far the best for rehoming my puppies to suited family homes, this is mainly due to the commitment made by the new owner paying the fee to gain the contact information which shows dedication to the overall expense of owning a puppy/dog.

The RSPCA however are only praising GUMTREE for cleaning up the industry and fooling the general public by blogging appraisals like in this link http://blog.gumtree.com/guest-blog-post-justine-pannett-rspca/

I honestly feel the councils are to blame which allow these breeders to have over 80 Bitches breeding at 1 time. See this link for Carmarthenshire County Council Fees and charges. http://www.carmarthenshire.gov.uk/english/environment/animals/pages/animal%20licensing.aspx

D Brannick
28 January 2015  |  11:50

I bought a westie puppy from home in bury St Edmunds. Took to vet got checked out. Get advised us to get puppy ins to be safe. He said pup was ok, gave her 2nd vac just in case, coz vet details were faint and in Wales. 3 days later pup started to get sick. Took back to vet for tests and was called and told news that she was very sick. Had more worming paste, some protein paste to help her get stronger. Had to keep pup away from kids and other dog. Pup passed a worm that we thought was string from blanket, it was over 12 inches In length. Then the pup started to get better. Vet insurance refused to pay out, so we had a 400 vet bill on top of 250 cost of pup. I contacted trading standards and over a year later she went to court and in that time had requested a breeding licence. And was given it. Even tho they traced the puppy farming over 4 properties and many breeds. I was disgusted. I got nothing back. But my puppy luckily was okay.