Volunteers Needed – Deaf Dog Toy Study


We received an email from Reshay Hull, who is studying for a BSc Hons Animal Behavioural Science and Welfare Degree at the University of Greenwich. For her Behavioural Dissertation Project she plans to investigate whether there will be a significant difference in the behavioural repertoire of deaf dogs from exposure to an improved sensory toy design.

Reshay is herself profoundly deaf. The idea for the project also evolved from her successful Second Year Diploma Investigation Project where she researched enrichment toys for blind dogs. Reshay says “I felt that there was not a practical toy on the market for blind dogs which fully incorporated both scent and hearing”.

Reshay Hull deaf dog toy projectShe is now turning her attention to deaf dogs and needs your help to collect observational data. Deaf dogs will be observed (and videoed) to identify behaviours they do not naturally display because of their disability. From this research, Reshay plans to make a sensory toy for deaf dogs. The newly designed toy will then be tested.

This exciting and very worthwhile project will help improve the welfare of hearing impaired dogs.

Can you help?

For this project to go ahead, the new toy must be tested on at least 15 deaf dogs. It is not going to be easy and any help would be very much appreciated.

If you are a deaf dog owner and would like to be part of this interesting project, please contact Reshay directly by email at reshay.hull@student.hadlow.ac.uk

Reshay would love to hear from owners of dogs with a severe to profound hearing impairment. She lives in South East London and is able to travel within an hour or so, to visit you and your dog. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can arrange to meet Reshay at an alternative location.

Time frames would be October to December 2016 but do please contact Reshay sooner if you are interested in helping.

Kathy Harrison
01 August 2016  |  22:08

Hi, I would love to help.
In 2weeks time I am going to be getting a service dog, who has been deaf from birth.
I am on the other side of London to you though.

D for Dog
02 August 2016  |  9:48

That's fantastic, thank you. Please contact Reshay directly to make arrangements reshay.hull@student.hadlow.ac.uk