Distance Animal Healing


I recently got talking to a lovely chap called Neil Grimes who is an alternative therapist providing distance healing to animals. I was intrigued and we spoke for well over an hour (maybe more like two, lol) about his work.

I always keep an open mind and love anything that could potentially help our best friends, especially something that is kind and non-invasive.

Neil kindly agreed to do a Q&A session with us that I hope you will enjoy.

Neil Grimes distance animal healer

How did you get into distance healing?

When I was 14 years old my father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. A healer used to come to our family home to help him and the idea always stayed with me. However, it wasn't until 1997 at the age of 34 that I took a course on Reiki healing then later realised I had the ability to do distance healing.

What issues or conditions can be healed?

Many conditions benefit greatly from distance healing - arthritis, muscle and joint problems, post-op recovery, skin conditions, anxiety, emotional issues, fear, behavioral issues.

In the next few years I think we will see a lot of pet owners looking at healing as an additional help to aid their pet's recovery from operations, illnesses, phobias, past abuse issues and so on.

How does animal distance healing work?

Animals are built the same as humans with blood, flesh, bones, meridians, emotions, feelings and energy center's. Telepathic communication for animals is done in the same way - pictures, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Owners send me photos of their dog so I can connect with their animal by sending vibrational healing energy over any distance. I don't need to meet the animals and have found distance healing to be very effective.

How many healing sessions would a dog require?

It all depends on the severity of the issue. Deep seated issues like fear or animals who have suffered abuse can take a number of sessions but I never dictate to the client; they live with and know their animal better than I do, so I am guided by them as to the progress their dog is making.

Healing can also be used on a regular basis to help prevent future health problems and keep an animal or person's energy balanced whilst boosting their immune system.

Animal distance healing - Honey

Does my dog have to be resting whilst healing is being sent?

I prefer the animal to be resting when I am trying to connect, to get the best result.

How long does it take before I see any improvements?

It varies from animal to animal, but changes no matter how small, can and have taken place within 24 hours after healing has been sent.

How will my dog react to a healing session?

Sometimes the sensations they experience can make them a little restless for a minute or two but then they tend to enjoy it and relax for the rest of the healing.

Would healing help with a chronic physical illness?

There are no promises or guarantees but healing has been known to help with physical diseases. I have helped a dog with arthritis who got 90% better according to the owner, and that is after giving the dog only two healing sessions over three days. Another example was Honey who had a chronic ear infection and had been seeing the vet for 7 months but it still hadn't cleared up. After one distant healing session Honey was shaking her head, which she had not been able to do since getting the infection. After a second session two weeks later the infection had cleared up.

Neil Grimes Distance Healer with dog Duffy

Duffy receiving healing for arthritis (before Neil concentrated on distance healing)

Can my dog receive healing whilst on medication?

Yes as the healing is gentle and non–invasive and is sent when the animal is resting.

Do you provide a service for terminally ill animals?

Yes, I try to achieve a calmness in the animal, taking away the fear and giving peace and comfort. Just like many humans, animals can be frightened during the transitioning period. I have a package for this and it's the cheapest package on my website due to nature of the service.

One experience I remember, when I used to do hands on healing, was with a dog called Jazz who was very ill with advanced cancer. I arrived at the owner's house and laid outside on the decking with Jazz. Many birds came into the garden right near us. Normally they wouldn't even land in the garden because Jazz would go for them, the owner told me. I knew then that it was only a matter of hours before he would pass over.

The birds stayed for about 10 mins as I was giving healing to Jazz to prepare him for rainbow bridge. It was a beautiful experience, being able to share that intimate experience with him. I knew he had listened to me. I asked him to drink from his water bowl when I left. On my way home I got a phone call to say he had done just that. Up until that time he hadn't eaten or had a drink for the past 7 days. He then peacefully passed away in the early hours, in his owner's arms.

Find out more

Neil is an animal and people healer. Energy healing is a non-invasive, complementary therapy that can be used to help improve your health or your pet's health and behaviour. To find out more about Neil's work, see testimonials or book a session, visit https://www.healwithneil.com/

Caroline and Tala
20 February 2020  |  16:05

Sounds interesting

Birgit Cloney
06 July 2021  |  21:51

Hello, I was wondering whether you could help my newly adopted Border Collie please. She has been with me for four weeks, ran off on the first morning but came back a few hours later, but has been hiding in the fields around our house since. She comes here to eat every evening and spends hours in the garden but I cannot touch her and she will not come inside the house, or use her little dog house. We are in the South of France and I have to come back to England some time. The dog is called Fleur and even answers to her name. My phone number is (removed by admin for your own security). Looking forward to hearing from you, Birgit

D for Dog
07 July 2021  |  8:52

Hi Birgit, please contact Neil directly. His website is given above at the end of the blog. Good luck x

D for Dog
07 July 2021  |  9:45

I contacted him for you Birgit. He is going to give you a call :-)

Elva McGovern
03 August 2021  |  19:53

Good evening. This is an urgent urgent request. My friends beautiful bulldog Is suffering from heatstroke. She was sent home from the vets and is being looked after but is struggling to breath still.
I would be extremely grateful if you would contact me asap. I only met this doggie for the first time 3 days ago. Withings 10 minutes of meeting her she ran into me and literally kicked me off my feet and twisted my ankle lol.but she is so adorable that I couldn't be annoyed with her for even a second. To see her struggle to breathe is so harrowing.
If you text me I will put you in cont at with Gucci's human mom Naomi. Naomi is fully deaf so if you need to speak to her you would probably be speaking to her through her son.

I will pay any fees.

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards


D for Dog
04 August 2021  |  8:44

Please contact Neil directly. His website is in the article above.

Rowna Ellis
28 September 2022  |  6:03

Our lovely little 5yr rescue cat is suffering From hyperestatia and is attacking his own taił red Raw and bleeding profusely have Śeen vet and on gabbapentin not Working beleived to be incurable condition

13 July 2023  |  4:07

Treatment for dodge our family dog who has arthritis

Caroline Cawston
17 August 2023  |  11:42

Hi Neil,
My daughters dog is a golden retriever and has a form of gastroenteritis is there anything that you can do to help reduce the symptoms and/or improve her gastric functions?
I am not sure where you are based, but I understand that you can undertake distance healing.
Can you please let me know the cost of your sessions.
Looking forward to hearing from you
Kind regards

D for Dog
17 August 2023  |  12:56

I will pass this message on to Neil for you.