Dog Fest 2024


With two days of thrilling dog action, set against the backdrop of seven of the UK's most gorgeous stately homes and gardens, it is no surprise DogFest is the social highlight of the season. You'll find world-class displays from top canine athletes, free expert advice and workshops, have-a-go activities to take part in, shopping, treats plus plenty of play.

Dog fest

  • Stunning Country Walk
  • Have-a-go Activities
  • Fun Dog Show
  • Sensational Dog Displays
  • Advice from Experts
  • Fantastic Shopping
  • Festival Food & Drink
  • Live Music

From Dog School to Breed Meet-Ups to the Big Dog Walk, this year’s event features some of our festival favourites plus loads of new activities including Dogaoke, The Breed Meet-Up Challenge, Barn Hunt, Canicross, face-painting for the kids, and more.

10th birthday & karaoke

Dog Fest is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year. And of course it is not a birthday party without a song, so they will be singing ‘happy birthday’ to DogFest at midday at the festivals.

To keep the festive vibes and the songs flowing, join in at the Dogaoke. Brand new for 2024, at Dogaoke everyone can sing to or with their dog. You are also invited to add your favourites to the Dogaoke playlist. 

UK dates and locations in 2024

Loseley Park, Surrey - 27th & 28th April
Ragley Hall, Warwickshire - 25th & 26th May
Burghley House, Lincolnshire - 8th & 9th June
Tatton Park, Cheshire - 15th & 16th June
Ashton Court, Bristol - 31st August & 1st September
Harewood House, Yorkshire - 7th & 8th September
Knebworth House, Hertfordshire - 21st & 22nd September

For further information or to purchase tickets visit

Clare Kay
02 May 2016  |  18:34

How much are the tickets.

D for Dog
02 May 2016  |  18:37

Please visit the Dog Fest website - link above.

Pauline Whyte
20 May 2016  |  15:25

Hi Claire Kay I would be coming from Glasgow in Scotland and wondered how much the tickets where? also if there are Places to stay nearby that are dog frendly and not to dear as we would probably have to stay due to distance. your help and advice would be greatly a ppreaciated.

D for Dog
21 June 2016  |  12:17

Please visit the Dog Fest website - link above.

Josiane Sutherland
27 April 2019  |  12:46

How much is it for 2 adults one child to go?

John Berry
26 October 2023  |  10:02

Have you got any fest in Essex. 23 -24. Thanks John

21 June 2016  |  11:49

Hi there we have arange of children's inflatables Do you have any space at any of your shows

D for Dog
21 June 2016  |  12:16

Hi, please contact Dog Fest directly. Thank you.

Linda Phillips
27 June 2016  |  14:36

I attended DogFest at Windsor yesterday as a VIP paying 75 which is not a paltry sum by any means The so called q&a session in the VIP tent just wasn't because I wasn't allowed to ask Noel any questions in fact no one was and as I was at the back couldn't hear because he didn't use a mic!The food wasn't all that either All in all the 75 was an absolute rip off

D for Dog
27 June 2016  |  14:45

Gosh, that doesn't sound good at all. I would definitely contact them about that.

Geoff G
17 June 2017  |  18:07

Unimpressed with process in ring 1, we were charged 3 to enter our little puppy into the Cool Pup show yet other dog owners were only charged 2, last year it was only 1 was this a scam by the ticket sellers who were very unprofessional at 12:45 when we entered the competition.

D for Dog
17 June 2017  |  20:25

Please contact the event organisers. We simply blog about upcoming events.

Geoff G
17 June 2017  |  18:10

Ring 1 competition was a shambles as the dogs that won were older than the stipulated age range and there were easily better cuter small dogs but those picked were those registered online, very poor show in that respect.

07 January 2018  |  16:48

Do you offer availability for stall holders at your even? Im a small business that offers pet supples (Dog Treats)

D for Dog
08 January 2018  |  8:49

We just blog about dog events. Please contact the show organisers directly.

Julie Burke
01 December 2018  |  22:25

I went to chomondley event it was fantastic there was a store there that had diabeled dogs for adoption I have lost there number how can I find it as I'm really keen on adopting a little dog they had with them

D for Dog
02 December 2018  |  10:49

Hi Julie, the Dog Fest organisers should have a list of who attended :-)