DogLost Launches New App


DogLost, the UK's largest lost and found dog service, have launched a new app which will help you find your dog if they are lost or stolen. Via the app you can share information about your missing pet with other DogLost users and on social media.

DogLost app for lost or stolen dogsIt links you to the 90,000+ users on the DogLost website which has assisted over 80,000 lost and found dogs in the past 12 years and reunited 7,000 last year.

The DogLost app is a social network which works in conjunction with the DogLost website and its volunteers, which engages with people in their area to help in the speedy return of a dog that has been lost, stolen or found. All you need to do is register on the app.

The app makes it easier to find a lost dog. His or her profile will be sent to other app users within a 20 mile radius of your location and can resend as many times as you like in the same or new location and share on Facebook and Twitter.

Information on your dog can be stored in your new account, so if he goes missing you can share this news instantly - reducing the time it takes to get out information about your lost or stolen dog and increasing the likelihood of being reunited.

Download the app now to join the DogLost community to help reunite thousands of missing dogs with their owners every year.


02 March 2016  |  8:53

The link you provide at the end of the article returns 'website not found'

D for Dog
02 March 2016  |  9:35

Thanks Sally. It looks like DogLost are rearranging their website at the moment

03 March 2016  |  15:22

does the doglost site no longer exist when I google it? sorry my it knowledge is limited - don't understand apps, tweets, twitter

D for Dog
03 March 2016  |  19:28

It looks like DogLost are rearranging their website at the moment. Hopefully they will be back online soon.

26 August 2020  |  14:45

Keeps saying Not found when tap on link for App

D for Dog
26 August 2020  |  14:57

Please contact Dog Lost directly for any enquiries about their app. Thanks.