Dogs Die in Hot Cars


Hot Cars Kill DogsToday saw the launch of the Dogs Trust #hotcarskilldogs campaign.

Did you know that more than one in 10 people know of a dog that has come to harm left in a parked car in hot weather? What's even more shocking is that almost half of us (48%) mistakenly believe it is OK to leave a dog in a car if counter-measures are taken (window open or parked in shade). Sadly over a quarter of UK dog owners admit to leaving their dog alone in parked cars. AA call outs to dogs locked in parked cars have increased by 50% in the past six years.

Hot cars kill dogs

Under 20 minutes in a hot car can prove fatal to a dog should its body temperature exceed 41°C. As the temperature inside the car rises, in just a matter of minutes, the dog's suffering will become evident through excessive panting, whimpering or barking. This will develop into a loss of muscle control and ultimately the kidneys will cease to function, the brain will become irreversibly damaged and the heart will stop.

  • Dogs die in hot cars
  • You may as well leave your dog in an oven
  • It takes as little as 20 minutes

Make a difference

Please share the new, hard-hitting video by Dogs Trust. Help make as many people as possible aware of the damaging affects leaving a dog in a car can have.


01 June 2014  |  16:41

Is there a link from this page to share on face book?

D for Dog
01 June 2014  |  16:58

Yes, just under the video you will see all the usual social media buttons :-)

01 June 2014  |  17:04

I cant find the 'share' button either?

D for Dog
01 June 2014  |  18:26

Are you not seeing the social media buttons under the video? Please let me know, thank you.

01 June 2014  |  16:54

People don't realise how hot it gets inside a car even on a dull day

D for Dog
01 June 2014  |  16:58


Valerie Window
01 June 2014  |  23:43

Facebook like button but not Share button?

D for Dog
02 June 2014  |  17:14

I see what you mean :-) I just had a read on Facebook about what the difference is. Apparently both 'like' and 'share' buttons share the info on your Facebook Timeline but with the share button you also get to comment before you share. I hope that makes sense.

Momo Di Marco
03 June 2014  |  13:50

.. Doesn't need any further comment

Henry Rawlings
11 June 2014  |  23:15

I wish they hadn't put the comment about twenty minutes... it will give some idiots the idea that it is acceptable for that length of time

D for Dog
12 June 2014  |  9:15

Yes, I know what you mean. I also prefer the phrase "parked cars" which is what we called the D for Dog campaign many years ago. By specifying "hot cars" I think some people will park and think it is OK as the car isn't hot (yet!).