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A new dog re-homing website was launched this week. The new site for dogs looking for homes is called and is the result of a partnership between the publishers of K9 Magazine and pet food manufacturer Iams.

Dogs Blog adoption rescue rehoming resource

Dogs Blog adoption rescue rehoming resource is a new and exciting resource providing a simple, easy to use, centralised location for people interested in adopting a rescue dog. It is a handy online resource for would-be rescue dog owners. It helps people to locate a suitable dog currently living in rescue and looking for a home.

"As well as dogs needing homes, Dogs Blog will also feature link ups with dog web cams, private blogs kept by people who have rescued dogs, blogs from people who are in the process of rehoming dogs and entries from celebrities who have rehomed dogs" say Dogs Blog.

Using their online facilities, you can search for a dog by age, sex, breed or even by rescue organisation. An impressive number of rescue organisations have already signed up and include:

  • Bath Cats and Dogs Home
  • Battersea Dogs and Cats Home
  • Border Collie Trust GB Staffordshire
  • Brighton Retired Greyhound Trust
  • Chancepixies Rehoming
  • Clymping Dog Sanctuary West Sussex
  • Dogs Trust
  • Dumfries and Galloway Canine Rescue Centre
  • Friends of Animals League Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre Kent
  • Gables Farm Dogs and Cats Home Plymouth
  • Gloucestershire Animal Welfare Association
  • Greyhound Welfare in Wales
  • Greyhounds Galore
  • Jerry Green Foundation Trust
  • Manchester Dogs Home
  • Margaret Green Foundation Trust Devon and Dorset
  • The Mayhew Animal Home
  • Rotherham Dog Rescue
  • Stokenchurch Dog Rescue Buckinghamshire
  • The Blue Cross

The site also includes a number of help sheets covering such issues as Adoption FAQs, Bringing your rescue dog home, Training your rescue dog, plus some useful advice from TV vet Trude Mostue.

Searching by location is not an option as Dogs Blog point out that "the ‘right’ dog is not necessarily the nearest dog".

A sentiment we would definitely agree with is the plea to please consider adopting an older dog (a dog over 6 years old). The older dog is often well trained and in many cases they end up homeless through no fault of their own. The older dog can also be very suitable for families with children.

Trude Mostue, Iams Ambassador and celebrity vet says:

" is a fantastic example of the entire pet industry coming together for the common good. K9’s expertise and Iams’ support, combined with the charities’ participation, means potentially thousands of abandoned dogs will be re-homed – all at the click of a button"

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By Jenny Prevel

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