Free Pet Lifesavers Videos

pet first aid and emergency care If you are unsure what should be in your pet’s first aid kit, how to administer first aid to your cat or dog, what counts as an emergency and what to do in an emergency situation, these free Pet Lifesavers videos from The Veterinary Expert could be really useful.

The website offers a series of online presentations for dog owners. The free Silver Membership gives you access to all their free online presentations (webinars) by leading veterinary experts. There are also pet health articles and with the free membership you get access to the Pet Lifesavers videos which cover first aid, poisonings and how to recognise emergencies. From first aid care such as treating cuts and minor wounds to dealing with more serious situations, these videos are well worth a watch.

Pet Lifesavers is all about giving you the knowledge you need to protect and help your pet. Watching these presentations by emergency vet Paul Aldridge could save the life of your pet or a pet in your care.

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- What to do if your cat or dog has a fit
- How to tell if they have been poisoned
- Which everyday human foods can be fatal
- Dangers in the house and garden
- How to deal with insect bites and stings
- The ABCs of emergency first aid for pets

In the first webinar you learn aspects of first aid for your cat or dog. The vet discusses how to treat cuts and minor wounds, what to do about bites and stings, how best to deal with vomiting and diarrhoea and what to do if things are more serious.

The second and third sessions cover dangerous foods and poisons. You also learn about the signs and behaviours that may indicate genuine emergencies - signs that shouldn’t be ignored.

I get the impression the site is new and a bit of a work in progress (navigation is a bit messy and some sections don’t seem finished) and there are possibly some paid-for sections to be added at a future date but there is enough useful free information available already to make the free sign up worthwhile. Very useful viewing for dog owners and carers and professionals working with dogs, so you can be prepared for a pet first aid or emergency situation.

By Jenny Prevel