Free Sound Therapy for Pets

Wednesday, 7 October 2020  |  D for Dog

The famous 'Sounds Scary' sound therapy for pets is now being offered for free via Dogs Trust, who have partnered with vets Sarah Heath and Jon Bowen to offer you their range of sound based treatment programmes for free.

Free Sound Therapy for Pets

During the therapy, your pet can be gradually exposed to sounds that they find frightening like fireworks.

The free downloads and how-to-guides include a collection of specifically recorded noises that all puppies and dogs can get used to, including traffic, fireworks and thunder.

Sounds Scary can help your dog deal with distressing noises such as fireworks. Sounds Scary is not only backed by years of clinical experience, it is also scientifically proven to be safe, effective and easy to use.

Sounds Sociable is designed to help puppies adapt to their new life as a pet. It includes a collection of sounds that every puppy should be familiar with, including traffic, domestic noises, children, and fireworks.

Sounds Soothing can help your dog deal with the arrival of a new baby, which can be a confusing time for them.

To find out more and download any of these sound based treatment programmes for free, visit Sound Therapy for Pets on the Dogs Trust website.

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