Funny Dog Fails


Man's best friend doesn't always get it right. They are as prone to mistakes and mishaps as the rest of us. Here are some great dog fail pics of our furry friends getting it spectacularly wrong. Enjoy.

dog fails catching ball

dog knocked over by another dog

cat steals dog's bed

dog and fox fail

dog denies stealing lipstick

funny dog stuck in lounger

dog fail big stick

dog fail bin lid stuck on head

dog hit by frisbee

funny dog fail

funny dog stuck in hammock

dog fail head up dog's bottom

funny big dog small cat flap

dog humping fail

funny pic dog face in bars

Maudie Wilcutt
15 October 2015  |  5:14

cannot stop laughing--they are really so sorry

04 January 2022  |  5:26

vary funy