Dog Photobombs


Photobombs are always funny, especially when it is unintentional. Dogs are fantastic at this, as you will see.

In case you are wondering, a photobomb is "a photograph that has been spoiled by the unexpected appearance of an unintended subject in the camera."

Enjoy these great dog photobombs laugh

dog photobomb at dog show

dog photobomb people and dog

dog photobomb people jumping

dog photobomb woodland walk

dog photobomb two dogs

dog photobombs man on porch

fishing dog photobomb man and fish

dog photobomb cuddling couple on beach

dog photobomb

little girl on beach photobombed by dog

dog photobomb scenery

dog photobombs man on train

dog photobombs man in car

24 June 2016  |  15:21

Thank you for the belly laugh!

15 October 2016  |  20:25