Why Won't He Play With Me?


statue won't play with dog

This playful dog just wants a game of fetch. Is that too much to ask?

Yet, no matter how hard he tries, his new 'friend' just won't be coaxed into throwing that stick.

Anyone who can ignore this sweet dog's plea for a game must have a heart of stone!

Don't worry, the owners save the day in the end but only after much chortling... and we don't blame them. Too cute and funny.


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Barbara Bruce
01 November 2016  |  18:16

Love the page Jen. Loads of lovely things for sale. Sad to say ours are all oldies now so this year their Christmas treats will be going to a rescue centre. They will still get treats but not material things anymore. Love looking at your lovely things for sale. Good luck Xxxx

D for Dog
01 November 2016  |  18:19

Thanks Barbara :-) Spadge won't be getting much this year either. That little dog wants for nothing.