Funny Pics - Dogs & Food


Never underestimate how much dogs love food and what they are prepared to do to get some. I love these funny pics of dogs and their sneaky, cheeky love of food.

funny dog looking at food

funny dog cooking food

cute puppy asleep in food bowl

dog watching humans eat food

dog licking cereal bowl

funny dog saying he doesn't want a treat

dog asking child for food

dog licking icecream

dog in dish washer

puppies eating their food

cute dog drinking through a straw

04 March 2014  |  19:22

I love your site. The funnies section is Soooooooo Cute. Love your products. You have items I have never seen before. It's like a family site. Something for everyone who loves Dogs.

D for Dog
04 March 2014  |  19:36

Oh, thank you Kim. What a lovely comment. Yes, we try to cover lots of things that dog lovers like and need and to be a family site too. Glad you are enjoying it :-)

Leonora Wollner
25 March 2014  |  21:32

Back for my second visit for more Chuckit toys (other still surviving!) + anther name tag and two waterproof mattresses. That'll teach my hubby to watch football instead of me watching Holby!

D for Dog
25 March 2014  |  22:42

Sounds good to me, lol :-)

Victoria Hood
01 August 2014  |  15:42

The treat photo CRACKED me up... These pic's are hilarious. Thank you for posting them up