Ultimate Dog Tease


ultimate dog tease - dog wants foodThis beautifully well made 'talking animals' YouTube video funny went viral, and it is easy to see why.

Watch as this gorgeous dog listens, enraptured, as he is told about all the food his Dad has been preparing after an impromptu fridge raid. Too cute.

Dad describes the maple flavoured bacon and the juicy steak, then teases his dog by saying he ate it all. In dribbling anticipation the dog listens as more delights are described... something really special, says Dad.

But who was it for?


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Lucette Rees
01 October 2016  |  18:06

Still laughing at the dog! Great therapy.

Karen Craft
03 October 2016  |  16:57

Great voice overs for the dog!!!LOL The dog asking for a kitten is my favorite. I watch it on YouTube all the time.