A Gift For Rescue Dog Freddie


gift for a rescue dogThis week we received a wonderful email from Dogs Trust Snetterton. One of their Sponsor dogs, Freddie, had received a gift box of personalised biscuit bones. They were sent to Freddie on his birthday from a kind D for Dog customer who is a Dogs Trust supporter.

Dogs Trust enclosed a fantastic photo of Freddie happily inspecting his gift (see right).

The message from Dogs Trust to the generous supporter was as follows:

"Thank you for this lovely gift. Freddie very much enjoyed and appreciated it. You will see in the photo Freddie was delighted with his beautiful biscuit and so excited to receive this lovely gift."

As if that wasn't lovely enough we then heard from our friends at Beach Dog Bakery telling us that Dogs Trust had put the photo on their reception desk and that a few more biscuits have since been gifted to other dogs at the rescue centre. Isn't that fabulous.

L Dow
02 August 2013  |  13:43

What is a 'sponsor dog'. Why has this dog not been re-homed? Have you heard of pointer rescue - they
re-home English Pointers.

01 August 2014  |  20:10

The sponsor dogs over at Dogs Trust are usually dogs with behavioural problems that make them unsuitable for rehoming. Unlike the RSPCA they don't put healthy dogs down, and are often the last chance dogs like Freddie have of happiness. The RSPCA would have put him to sleep without hesitation.

02 August 2013  |  18:48

What gives you the right to keep this dog ina kennel find it a home, Pointers hate kennel life he should be in ahome galloping each day. Why have you not rehomed him this is one reason I will never support Dogs Trust is he worth more to you as a sponsor dog. Speak to Pointer rescue.

02 August 2013  |  21:58

Most of the big rescue centres have sponsor dogs, which are usually dogs that can't be rehomed for one reason or another. I'm sure they wouldn't keep a dog back if it could be rehomed.

02 August 2013  |  22:06

Just had a look, it seems Freddie is 'shy' around people.

"Some of the dogs in our care become very stressed by unfamiliar people and situations. To give these dogs the happy life they deserve, we have to ensure they have a comfortable and familiar routine."

Hopefully that means they are working with Freddie to build his confidence so he might be able to be homed in the future. It seems the sponsor money they receive goes towards all the dogs' care

L Dow
05 August 2013  |  10:24

Exactly how long has he been at these kennels?
What is the point of getting him used to kennel life if the intention is to re-home him? Surely a foster home would be preferable.

D for Dog
05 August 2013  |  13:05

I have personally spoken to Dogs Trust about Freddie. Please contact Dogs Trust if you would like details of Freddie's case.

C Higgins
12 May 2015  |  20:46

Breaks my heart to see such a lovely dog not living in a home environment where he could be getting one to one attention and with the right owner could help him live out his years in the environment to suit the dogs needs. I myself own a german Shorthaired pointer that has issues with barking at people and doesn't like being touched. I have put a lot of effort and patience and sanity into getting him at the stage he is now,and there is still a way to go.
Many people have said (get rid of the dog, or give him away) three years down the line and a lot of work still to do, I have no regrets, a dog is for life just like any other member of your family, not to be discarded or given away or swapped when the going gets tough.This breed has so much to give and yet asks for little in return, I will hope and pray that one day the right person will come along for Freddie and give him the chance to experience home life.