New Dog Social Networking Website


MuttMate Dog Social Networking Website

MuttMate is a new social networking website for dog owners. Find new friends, meet up locally and share your barks and photos with other dogs near you.

Founder, Sarah Edwards, felt that online social media did nothing to help dog owners connect with one another within their local area. She wanted to create an online social space which enables dog owners to connect and find each other within their local community.

"I realised that dog owners needed a functional, useful tool enabling permanent connections for the benefit of dogs and owners alike. Most importantly it would have to have geographical relevance and stand out from the social media crowd” says Sarah.

On MuttMate you can share your love of all things canine with dog owners in your area.

Message friends and arrange to meet. Connect with dog owners in your area and get outside for walkies, shared advice and social stuff.

Create a MuttClub and set up fun events. Whatever your canine passion, create a local MuttClub for shared interests and dog events.

Grow your own doggy network within your town and get together with other owners for new friendships, social activities and shared advice.

"Owning a dog is very social and daily walks inevitably involve both dogs and owners stopping to greet each other," explains Sarah. "MuttMate is more than just another social media site. It recognises that relevant, useful interactions amongst dog owners occur offline within the community and offers a practical, online solution to enhance these connections and help grow strong networks of happy dogs and owners."

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Join the growing community of dog owners and connect within your area. Find new friends for shared walkies, canine capers and the love of all things doggy.

31 December 2014  |  13:27

happy owner of a border terrier mix
short attention spanů. both of us.

Annette C
03 January 2015  |  17:27

I Have a jackapoo, he is adorable, and the best companion I could have wished for on my retirement. I have made so many new friends locally through him.

Lynn Holden
03 January 2015  |  18:48

Would love to share tips on training a large puppy.......mine's a five month old bloodhound. Love him!

03 January 2015  |  18:22

So pleased to have adopted Daisy Mae, Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Full of fun and mischief and keeps me on my toes now that I have retired.

Debbie Finch
03 January 2015  |  19:58

Hi my name is Debbie, have 3 westie's which are my world, love, laughter,cuddles and keep me fit. I am a westie fan but a bigger dog lover. I do not like cats. Dogs are far more loyal are soooo much clever. My youngest son run the Brighton marathon for the Guide Dogs. I live in West sussex. My wish for 2015 is for my dogs to stay healthy and my family.

D for Dog
03 January 2015  |  20:13

Click on the link at the end of the article to join MuttMate :-)

05 January 2015  |  12:28

Owner of two mini schnauzers , one adopted at 13 months and the second from pup to keep the adopted dog company. So pleased to have the two dogs as they keep each other company and so delightful to see them play etc.

Su Paul
17 January 2015  |  9:49

Been 'in dogs' most of my life - working and owning! Now retired, I have the absolute joy of living with an adorable, funny, extremely intelligent Papillion. I still have a passion though for rescue greyhounds and lurchers.

Jane Oconnor
23 April 2017  |  10:09

I have a 19 month old working type cocker. We live in mid Devon and are looking for doggie mates.

09 July 2017  |  3:54

Looks like it has closed down. I never understood what it was for as all this can be done on facebook or twitter.

Carly Rostance
04 September 2017  |  14:50

Hello! x