National Dog Survey


Dogs Trust are calling on all dog owners to take 10 minutes to let them know how their dog has been coping since the pandemic began. Your answers will help us ensure they are doing all they can to help the nation's pooches get back on their paws.

National Dog Survey

The pandemic has changed everything for all of us – including our dogs. Our dogs are so used to being at home with us that even going back to work could have a damaging impact on them. Grab a cuppa and join countless others in taking 10 minutes to fill out the National Dog Survey to help keep our precious pooches happy.

The National Dog Survey is a moment for all owners to unite for the happiness of their dogs, as our dogs begin to adjust to the new normal.

We need you to be your dog's voice and tell Dogs Trust what they need.

"By filling out this survey you will help us gain valuable insights into the varying needs of dogs and their owners across the UK. We would love every dog owner to take part – whether you had a dog before the pandemic, or recently got one for the first time. We want to understand the issues affecting our four-legged friends and what dog owners are most commonly struggling with. This will help us uncover new ways to tailor our services to better help dogs and their owners."

Fill in the survey

It only takes 10 minutes and there are no wrong answers because it's all about you and your dog.

Visit National Dog Survey to complete the survey online.

Get the results

Dogs Trust will get back to you with the results of the survey, with some tips to help your dog adjust to the new normal.

"By taking part, you are helping form a picture of dog ownership across the UK, and of what support is needed to keep those relationships healthy and fulfilled as we move back to ‘normal’ life. This will help to provide advice and support when it is needed most. In return for taking part you’ll also fetch relevant behaviour links from our experts based on what you tell us."

Spread the word

Calling all dog owners to get involved. Next time you are on your walkies, tell everyone about the National Dog Survey.

02 October 2021  |  10:09

What do you hope that the survey will show?

D for Dog
06 October 2021  |  8:36

Please see 'Get the results' above.

Hazel Archer
05 October 2021  |  20:35

Don't know

Susan Read
10 October 2021  |  21:38

Iím the family dog sitter

Robert Clowes
19 December 2021  |  22:25

How has the pandemic affected rescue and rehoming