Nationwide Slug and Snail Count

Nationwide Slug and Snail CountWith a growing number of slugs and snails across the UK and the lungworm parasite spreading as a result, a nationwide slug and snail count has been launched.
Because of the wet weather there has been a massive rise in the numbers of slugs and snails. This sadly means an increase in the risk of dogs catching lungworm which can cause serious health problems in dogs and can even be fatal.

‘The Big Snail Count’ is a nationwide ecological experiment that has been launched to help build a national picture of the distribution of the slugs and snails in the UK whilst also helping raise awareness of the potential risks of lungworm to our pet dogs.

The count is part of a wider lungworm research programme taking place throughout 2015, which hopes to create an overview of its prevalence and spread across regions of the UK.

This national survey is a chance for the whole family to get involved, have fun looking for slugs and snails while helping in an important cause. Take part in a 10 minute snail and slug count within your garden or local park and record and submit data on the number, location and activity.

You are also encouraged to upload photographs and there are prizes to be won for the largest, the strangest, the most unusual snails found.

What slimy surprises are lurking in your garden?

To submit your data or take part in the photo competition, visit


Are you lungworm aware?

To find out more about lungworm and the risks to your dog, please see Be Lungworm Aware.