Open for Dogs


Open for DogsOpen for Dogs is the Kennel Club’s campaign to break down barriers for dogs and their owners. It actively encourages more businesses and public places to become dog friendly, by welcoming dogs and their owners.

The Open for Dogs website, in association with Dog Friendly, is designed for responsible dog owners who want to go on holiday or out and about with their dogs. The site includes all places that are part of the Kennel Club’s Open for Dogs campaign and is the UK’s largest database of places to stay and visit that will welcome you and your dogs, whether you want to find somewhere to eat and drink, camp, stay, shop or visit.

You can search the databases for free by clicking here and joining as a guest member. This will provide you with the name of the venue, the address and the website.

As well as finding dog friendly venues, you can of course also recommend them.

There is also an Open for Dogs Award that recognises the most dog friendly businesses and venues across the UK. Or if you have a dog friendly business you can promote it as being 'Open for Dogs'. For more information, visit

Amanda Gaul
02 November 2013  |  14:53

'Open for Dogs' will cement the greatness of our nation as compassionate, tolerant, civilised and enlightened. It is essential that we progress forward and in doing so, remember our companions.

Maureen Curzon
01 December 2013  |  18:30

Yes it would be great if more dog owners could take there dogs inside shops Etc Etc.