Paul O'Grady Tribute Fund for Battersea

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home has received over £205,000 in donations to date (3rd April 2023) following Paul O'Grady's death last week. They join the nation in mourning the loss of Paul, who was an entertainment legend and much loved ambassador to the charity.

Paul O'Grady Tribute Fund Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

To millions Paul O'Grady and his Lily Savage character was a popular TV and radio presenter and comedian who lit up screens with his wit and warmth. Battersea will forever remember Paul as a devoted animal lover with the biggest heart, who fell in love with every dog he met at their centres.

"Paul will always be associated with Battersea, and we are truly saddened to have lost such a true friend and huge part of our charity."

Paul died 'unexpectedly but peacefully' on Tuesday evening, with his partner Andre by his side. The LGBT+ activist and animal lover became an ambassador for Battersea in 2012 after the success of his ITV show For The Love Of Dogs where he helped find homes for rescue animals nationwide.

"Paul loved Battersea so much and we cannot thank him enough for everything he did for our charity and for rescue animals worldwide. We will forever be indebted to him for his endless generosity and support."

His contribution to animal welfare was also recognised with an RSPCA animal hero award.

After Paul's death, Battersea set up a tribute fund. To donate, visit Paul O'Grady Tribute Fund

By Jenny Prevel

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