PDSA Pet Saving Gifts

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Make someone’s day with a Pet Saving Gift, and help a PDSA vet save a pet's life.

Give the pet-lover in your life that warm and fuzzy feeling inside with a Pet Saving Gift. Unlike ordinary presents, each Pet Saving Gift you buy – from bandages for just £5, to a day’s worth of equipment for £90 – will help a PDSA vet help a sick or injured pet in need.

PDSA Pet Saving GiftsEvery gift really does make all the difference. When Patch was diagnosed with arthritis two years ago, owner Geoff thought he may lose some of his fighting spirit. But thanks to regular arthritis medication, Patch hasn’t lost any of his pup-like sparkle. Arthritis can be extremely painful and debilitating, a PDSA Pet Saving Gift of arthritis medicine will help keep a poorly pet pain-free for a whole month.

Choose from a range of essential gifts ranging from £5 to £90.

It's a wrap!
£5 buys 10 metres of bandages to help poorly pet patients get back on their paws.

A dose of puppy love
£5 pays for injectable painkillers for 10 sick or injured puppies – giving them a pain-free day and a good night’s sleep.

Let sleeping dogs lie
£10 goes towards providing enough anaesthetic to support a day's surgery at a PDSA Pet Hospital, helping the veterinary teams perform a whole host of treatments.

On closer inspection
£15 goes towards the cost of an x-ray, to help the vets get a clearer view of what’s going on inside a poorly pet's body.

PDSA Pet Saving GiftsA snip of a gift
£20 can pay for a pair of scissors, so that the vets can carry out important procedures like neutering.

Mend a broken heart
£20 helps pay for life-saving heart medication, to keep a poorly cat or dog's heart ticking for a whole month.

What's up doc
£25 pays for an extraction instrument, to help the vets remove painful, overgrown and rotten teeth.

There’s life in the old dog (or cat) yet!
£25 helps keep an arthritic pet pain-free for a whole month, helping them move about freely and make the most of life.

Sounds purrfect
£50 will help buy a stethoscope - an important piece of equipment no vet or vet nurse could do without.

The tools for the job
£90 would help equip a PDSA vet with everything they need for a whole day, helping them operate on sick and injured pets in their hour of need.

PDSA Pet Saving Gifts - how they work

To buy any of these Pet Saving Gifts, visit the PDSA Shop at pdsapetstore.org.uk

All donations go towards funding PDSA's overall charitable objectives.

Nick Horwood
04 December 2017  |  22:11

You should have the facility for a physical card / certificate to be sent as an Xmas gift . An email really doesn’t suffice in the gift department.
I will be certain to buy Xmas gifts from you if you can do this.
Nick H