Spaniel Bowls & Jars With Your Dog's Picture

Earlier this year we added a new product to D for Dog - stunning personalised portrait dog bowls featuring a painting of your dog. They have proved so popular and make such wonderful dog gifts we have recently added two new items to this range.

There is a Spaniel Bowl for long eared dogs whose ears end up in their food. The shape of the bowl helps keep fluffy and floppy ears out of the food while your dog eats.

Personalised Spaniel Bowls

spaniel dog bowls

Also added is this beautiful ceramic treat jar for storing all sorts of dog goodies and biscuits. Just like the other items in this range, the treat container features not only your dog's name but also their portrait, all hand painted with love, a small brush and a very steady hand smiley

Ceramic Personalised Dog Treat Container

dog treat storage