Pet Oxygen Masks for UK Fire Engines

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There was a news article the other month with photographs of Florida firefighters saving two little puppies after the garage they were in caught on fire.

firefighter giving oxygen to a puppyFlagler Live reported that six dogs were rescued from the building and firefighters administered oxygen to two puppies after they came out looking sluggish from the smoke.

"With the help of neighbour Margaret O’Neill, firefighter David Lawrence carefully held small oxygen masks over their noses to help them breathe" said Metro in their Florida firefighters save puppies with tiny oxygen masks article.

Flagler County Fire rescue chief Don Petito explained that the oxygen masks were made specifically for household pets.

But did you know that not all fire brigades in the US and UK carry pet oxygen masks?

Let's save more little lives

In a house fire, animals do not run away like humans - they stay and hide. Every year pets die from smoke inhalation in house fires.

puppies in pet oxygen masksTo save the thousands of little lives lost through fire each year, not-for-profit organisation Smokey Paws is aiming to change that by raising enough money to buy pet oxygen masks for every fire engine in the UK.

"The fire service and first responders in the UK do not currently carry pet oxygen masks, however in other countries where they are carried on emergency vehicles it is proven that they have saved pets lives" say Smokey Paws.

The UK fire service agree these masks would help and that pets suffer from smoke inhalation too and are in fact often affected a lot quicker than humans.

Smokey Paws are collecting money via website donations and other fundraising activities so they can import pet oxygen masks and donate them to UK fire stations.

To help you can donate or volunteer. You can even nominate a fire station to receive pet oxygen masks. Visit

With your donations and help, Smokey Paws hope to raise enough money to buy pet oxygen masks for every fire engine in the UK.

Lyne Gurney
17 April 2020  |  14:26

Where can you buy these