Pet Theft Awareness Week


Pet Theft Awareness WeekWith the ever increasing theft of dogs, horses and other pets, Pet Theft Awareness Week aims to help pet owners be more vigilant about the security of their pets and animals.

Organised to raise awareness of the growing trend of pet theft in the UK and to help people take actions which could stop it happening to them, Pet Theft Awareness week runs from 14th to 21st March.

Don’t make it easy for pet thieves!

Pet Theft Awareness have listed some preventative measures that pet owners can take and it includes advice on what to do if your pet is stolen.

Help spread the message

Don't become a victim and also please do tell others so they can protect their pets too. Another great facility is the Dog Theft Action website, which has a great set of free posters to download.

What are the risks?

Dogs, horses, parrots and cats are the higher risk pets being taken due to their value. There is also a rise in dogs being stolen from outside shops or grabbed from walkers. A new trend has seen people are even being attacked for their pets. Owners are also reporting that they are being blackmailed for extortionate amounts of cash for the safe return of a much loved family member.

A pet is part of the family and losing any family member is heart-breaking. Let's not make it easy for the thieves.

Is your dog missing or stolen?

If your dog is missing or has been stolen, the Dog Theft Action website includes some useful tips and an online facility to report your missing or stolen dog to them so they can circulate your dog's details. Click here to report a lost, stolen or missing dog.

5 tips to safeguard against dog theft

You can also find lots of useful information in our article 5 Tips To Safeguard Against Dog Theft which includes advice on how to be aware and stay vigilant, how to keep your dog safe when you are out and also at home, identification for your dog, what to do if your dog is stolen and also explaining why someone might want to steal your dog.

25 January 2014  |  21:06

Thanks for publicising this. Have shared this info.

Joy Gooding
31 January 2014  |  16:29

The more this is shared the better!

De Parry
02 March 2015  |  2:43

I would like to tell you of a scheme called "SASH-TAG" which identifies neutered dogs to deter theft for the purposes of breeding. We have our ESS bitch registered with them. As well as a bright orange tag that says "I am neutered", you also get 3 stickers, 1 for the car and 2 for the home. More information can be obtained at "SASH-TAG.COM".
I hope you have found this informative, thank you.