Please Retire Ex-Laboratory Dogs


dog laboratory testingI read about the non-profit organisation Unite to CARE (Cease Animal Research Experiments) in Dogs Today magazine recently. It was founded by Victoria Fraser in February 2013 following the news that 300 dogs were being flown from Sweden to Macclesfield to be used in research laboratories.

Since then the campaign has been extended to include every research facility in the UK to set up a retirement programme, as has been done very successfully in the USA by The Beagle Freedom Project.

Their main aim is to negotiate the release of any surplus dogs from laboratories across the UK by offering a viable alternative to euthanasia when research companies have ex laboratory or breeding dogs that are no longer of use to them. The offered alternative would be to find loving forever homes for any laboratory dogs that are no longer of any commercial value.

They are also peacefully campaigning for an end to all animal testing. They explain: “We aim to promote change in current legislation to get animal research replaced with modern more reliable research that does not involve the suffering of any animal and does not risk the public’s health.”

Unite to CARE have started an HM Government e-petition requesting the compulsory retirement of ex laboratory dogs to approved homes at the end of their commercial life instead of unnecessary euthanasia.

“Provisions for this to occur were made in the Animals Scientific Procedures Act 1986 with a clear policy for re homing, however this has never been introduced and was on a voluntary basis. This should be replaced with a mandatory obligation to retire the dogs once they have finished being of value to the researcher society.”

The petition insists that the pharmaceutical industry and universities adhere to the 3R’s, which are stipulated when any animal testing licence is issued.

The 3R’s stand for:

  1. Replacement
  2. Refinement
  3. Reduction

This means they must ensure that the animals suffer as little as possible as well as replace and reduce the use of animals wherever possible.  “An important way they can adhere to the 3R’s and therefore show they are following this legislation is by allowing us to re-home any animal that is of no further commercial use to them” say Unite to CARE.

The e-petition can be signed online at

Twelve Dogs Die Every Day in UK Labs

These poor souls have only ever known fear and loneliness. They’ve never felt the grass under their feet, splashed about in the sea or snuggled up with their special humans.

Rachel Law
28 February 2014  |  12:38

These dogs should be given the same chance of a loving home as any other, probably more so.

04 January 2020  |  15:23

I would love to care for an ex-laboratory Beagle but am not sure
who to contact about this. Can anyone tell me how to go about this? Thank you.

Dawn Branch
27 January 2020  |  11:57

We would love to offer a home to a lab beagle. Please can you help?

Laura Auld
20 October 2020  |  13:15

Please how do we go aboutvresuing a beagle we have 5 kids and 3 house cats I'm vegan and an animal rights activist so I am really passionate about this if I can help please email me Laura

10 January 2021  |  18:03

Similar question to above, but any breed (or cross). Also, is it ever the case whereby a laboratory releases 'en bloque' , leading to a need for a home for multiple dogs?

Mark Harvey
28 February 2014  |  13:01

All living things desvere humanit and respect. Whats wrong with giving them a chance?

Siobhan Dunn
28 February 2014  |  13:31

As a Beagle owner, they should be given care & affection like every other breed. They make great pets and will give their owners hours of endless fun as they run off into the distance after a good smell

Jan Borrett
28 February 2014  |  17:40

These dogs should be offered to reputable experienced rescues for rehabilitation and rehoming

Jennifer Cameron
28 February 2014  |  20:21

Let them have the chance of love and affection, and the enjoyment of being able to feel free fro. Cages.

Teresa Griffiths
01 March 2014  |  11:27

What a terrible state of affairs - do we not have enough medication & cosmetics!

Wendy Cotter
17 May 2014  |  13:20

Please consider the pain, fear, and misery these poor animals suffer each and every day. They are feeling beings. Please stop the torture. Give them the life they deserve.. with love, fresh air, grass and companionship.

Arlene McVeigh
17 May 2014  |  21:40

END THE TORTURE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 October 2015  |  19:21

I would be more than happy to rehome and give them as much time and specialist help that they need.

Eva Richardson
05 January 2016  |  18:47

every animal deserves a life!!

Sara Todd
30 August 2017  |  10:12

This is barbaric, surly by 2017 we have found better ways to test products than torture animals in this way.
All animals deserve a proper loving home, there are so many abused animals in this world and these companies do this with authority, even humans are disgusting and should be ashamed of ourselves that this still goes on !!!

01 October 2017  |  12:28

We are 2 weeks into rehoming a beagle from a medical testing facility. He is now playing and although still a little nervous he is turning out to be a loving boy. Dogs trust have over 30 beagles most from these horrific places. It's about time this testing on such loving animals stopped....

Claire Ford
22 April 2020  |  18:44

Please could you help,trying to find details of where to adopt/foster ex lab dog,could anyone point me in the right direction, for UK rehoming

Gemma Correia
24 February 2020  |  8:01

Hi what was outcome of this

26 May 2020  |  18:44

As with other comments, is it possible to take on an ex-lab dog? And if so how does one go about an application form?

D for Dog
26 May 2020  |  19:01

I really do not know. Maybe try contacting the petition owners - Unite to CARE.

Nicole Rogers
22 July 2021  |  17:50

I would love to adopt a lab animal from, please let me know how I can do this? I have 1 cat already who is friendly & work from home so I would always be around & if I am given a beagle then I would love, care & walk him/her lots. I can deal with behaviour issues, itís to be expected. Please give these animals a chance at life!

Michelle Potterton
23 July 2021  |  23:21

Please give them some life

Tracey Muldoon
15 September 2021  |  8:04

If the unnecessary torturing of living breathing feeling animals cannot be stopped then at least let them have some love and a life at the end of it.

Kelle Ashall
27 April 2023  |  20:04

I would love to rescue please can you provide me some details of what o need to do next . These fur babies deserve to have some love and kindness . Please have some compassion