Safe and Sound - Saving Pound Dogs


Safe and Sound logoLast year, around 8,000 healthy dogs were killed in the UK. They died afraid and alone - unclaimed strays, tossed aside like unwanted toys.

By law, local authorities are obliged to keep stray dogs for just 7 days. After this time, if a dog is unclaimed and no safe place can be found for them, they may be destroyed.

This is where Safe and Sound comes in...

Safe and Sound is a UK Registered Charity (no. 1152935) working to save the lives of pound dogs (also known as 'poundies'). As unclaimed or abandoned strays, these precious poundies face destruction.

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Working in conjunction with local authorities, private boarding kennels and other rescue organisations, Safe and Sound gives death row dogs the chance to be much loved family pets once again.

Help the Poundies

Safe and Sound are inundated with requests to save poundies in dire straits… dogs that will die unless they do something. Their running costs are currently around £3,500 per month, sometimes more. The number of dogs needing their help continues to grow.

“It is truly heart breaking saying "No", but without more funds, we simply cannot help every dog that needs us.”

Pound for a Poundie

But it doesn't have to be this way. By donating just £1 per month, you can help fund emergency boarding, veterinary care and transport costs. With your help, they can make sure they are always there for those dogs who have no one else.

You can make a difference. Please help if you can. Set up a standing order or donate via PayPal.

To set up a standing order:
Safe and Sound
Lloyds TSB
Account no: 25328860
Sort code: 30-97-90

To donate via PayPal visit:

As a registered charity you can be sure that 100% of the monies raised goes directly towards saving abandoned dogs from destruction. All the Safe and Sound team are volunteers, so every penny you help raise will go straight to their most desperate dogs.

Fundraising Auction

The Safe and Sound fundraising auction starts on 28th April 2014 and will last for 2 weeks.

The auction page can be found at:

Safe and Sound fundraising auctionAll proceeds will go towards saving even more precious poundies from death row!

Their last auction was a huge success, raising almost £2,000 for death row dogs in need. Can you help to make this one even more successful? Please take a look at the lots, place a bid and share to spread the word. Thank you.

“No matter how or why you’ve decided to fundraise for Safe and Sound, thank you! Your support means so much to us - and will mean even more to our desperate dogs!” - Team S.A.S.

If you have your own ideas for a fundraiser for this worthwhile charity, please email for a fundraising pack, sponsorship forms and lots of help in making your fundraising idea a success.

02 May 2014  |  0:07

Refuse to use facebook, as do others concerned re security, or twitter, therefore no bids being made.

D for Dog
02 May 2014  |  9:16

Facebook is just being used to show the auction items. Bids and donations are via PayPal It is a good cause with many great lots to bid on.