Scratched and Chewed Competition

Scratched and Chewed Competition by Ben and Bruce Fogle Bruce and Ben Fogle are delighted to announce the launch of a quirky competition for all dog and cat lovers in a bid to gather new friends for two important charities - Dogs Trust and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Pet people are being asked to send photos of creatively nibbled, torn, shredded, scratched, chewed, deconstructed or simply destuffed dog and cat toys, where they will be judged taking into account their originality, humour, intelligence, artistry or just plain ability to make you smile! The winner will have the pet of their choice photographed by eminent photographer Nick Stevens.

Send photos together with the name of your pet and any explanatory text to
Bruce said "I admit it. Whenever I go abroad I always bring a toy back for Bean (his golden retriever). From Norway it was a bear in a Norwegian jumper, now with no eyes. From Canada a skiing beaver dressed as a Mountie. Bean thought a skiing beaver was too silly so she removed the skis – but not the Mountie’s hat!"

Bruce’s son, the writer and adventurer Ben Fogle adds, "The really arty ones in our family are my dogs Inca and Maggi and my sister Tamara’s dogs Lola and Marnie. We call their creations ‘bio-modified installations. The Saatchi Gallery should exhibit them."

Founded in 1891, Dogs Trust is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK. Each year they care for around 16,000 dogs at their nationwide network of rehoming centres. No healthy dog is ever destroyed. Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a national charity and centre of excellence in training dogs to alert deaf people to important sounds and danger signals in the home, work place and public buildings. Neither charity receives any government funding, they are both supported only by the generosity of the public.

The competition ends midnight on Bank Holiday Monday, 7th May 2012.

The London Veterinary Clinic website has all the details about the competition and the competition rules, so please have a read before entering.

Please note that entrants in the competition agree to their email address being forwarded to Dogs Trust and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.